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Chan's Dragon Inn, Ridgefield , NJ (restaurant)

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Name:Chan's Dragon Inn
Street:630 Broad Avenue

This is definitely one of my favorite places on earth (or in the greater New York area anyway). However, rather than blathering on and on about how much I love the place, I'll let "the staff at Chan's Dragon Inn" speak for themselves as they did on the front of the restaurant's take out menu (note: spelling, grammar, capitalization and abbreviations, etc. are posted as written on the menu):


Chan's Dragon Inn has been located at 630 Broad ave. for over forty years. We have excelled at serving some of the finest Polyesian-Cantonese Cuisine. We feature our spectacular Pu-Pu Platter with its assorted Appetizers. Our seafood items, such as South Sea Wor Bar or Royal Seafood Hawaii is of mouth watering delight. We feature other fine Beef, Chicken and Pork dishes. As items change, we recognize the need to diversify. Our menu reflects a change into new innovative dishes. Try our Grand Marnier Shrimp or Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce. In addition, the CHAN'S DRAGON INN features Luncheon Specials and Outgoing Orders at Reasonable price.

We will always be looking for new ways to please your palate.





Thank the gods that the innovation didn't extend to the drinks menu or the decor!

Pics to follow,
Tiki Chris

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Here (finally) are some photos taken at Chan's. The "Merry Christmas" display in the first pic is up year round, making Chan's a festive destination no matter the season! Enjoy.

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I ate there this weekend and found the food very good. Definitely Polynesian decor. And the prices were very reasonable. My girlfriend and I were getting full on the small Pu Pu platter alone ! Portions are large. No hula girls but what can you do.

I was so depressed yesterday.

I went to Edgewater to check out the latest Shag prints at the Orbit Gallery, but wasn't hungry enough to hop to the next town for some Chan's. What I actually mean is that my girlfriend wasn't hungry enough to go, but alas.


ps: Luckily I live 30 minutes from the place.

Just had another glorious visit to Chan's. Here's some pics.

Check out the old Master Charge sticker they have on the door and the 'Eat Out Often-Member 1968' sticker. Very cool.

With all of the cool places that are vanishing in New York City, it's great to know that you can just hop a bus to Jersey and see other things that still remain. Thank god Chan's is still around....and doing good business!!

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Thanks for turning me on to this place. I don't think the food is as good as King Yum in Queens, but at least I don't have to go across two bridges to get Polynesian Chinese anymore!

Here's some photos as well as a video I took:





Noner posted on Wed, Nov 8, 2006 7:40 AM

Great Video! I'm going to check out Chan's next weekend.

Paul, Kelly (Velveteen Lounge), and ventured to Chan's a couple weeks ago. What a great place! We had stopped by Lee's Hawaiian Islander in Lyndhurst for cocktails beforehand and found out that Steven Lee the owner got his start as the bartender at Chan's.

We tried to purchase menu's but that was a "no go" as they couldn't even be swayed by cash, apparently they are running low and only print new ones when they change the prices. We tried the "Hawaii 4-0" and it was awesome. Tom the current mixologist kicked butt and his Navy Grog was top-notch.

Here are a few snaps from Chan's:

a few more shots I found..

Try Pupus and Navy grog!

to "match" the other chans location matchbooks (tiki Kate recently posted)

back (upside down)or inside depending:

I'll plan to post pics of the Salt and pepper shakers from Chans soon too..

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