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Ape at the Doll Hut

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We went to the Doll Hut to see Ape on Sunday. We tagged along with the Baxters and Wes. The Doll Hut is one great Hard Rockin', Hot Roddin', Rockabilly, Greaser Hangout. I think Sweatpea and Kiliki would love this place. Anthony and Blue Castaneda are the owners and props to them for such a cool joint. Ape was awesome. Crazy Al is a sight to see. It was a really great show. The Tiki Tones were Excellent. I wish I had brought my CDs to get 'em signed. here are some photos

Blue and Anthony the owners. Note the Tiki Spirit!!!!.

The Doll Hut 107 S. Adams St. Anaheim Ca 92802 714-533-1286

Nice ride, Clyde.

The Doll Hut.


Suicide Sam

The blank slate


Shelley and Crazy Al

Junk Yard Dawg.

Lizzie and her pals

Ben, Betty and Shelley

The King and a can of wizard.

The Tiki Tones.


Lil' miss Baxdog and her friend Lindsey.

The finished Tiki

Mahalo, Atribe called Tiki

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1st and always Al with the pics (the best)
2nd Al and Shelley together have more Aloha TIKI spirit than any ten of us put together,
you can't help havin fun when your with em.

The Doll Hut is a must visit. If you get a chance to visit on a bar-b-q date, it's just that much better (big Mahalos to the chef)
I am not sure if the regulars were ready for us, but we gave them a taste of "TIKI brain"

NOW, ("APE") I had no idea just how much fun this bunch "O" harry bannana pealers was.
You can watch them and everybody watching them really (GO "APE") And Crazy Al is not crazy he is FRICKIN INSANE!!! All that talent in that skinny little popsicle stick of a lunatic. The people that follow them are die hard and should be Lizzie and group, great to see you again.

Blue and Anthony Maholos for letting my daughter and friend have the time of their lives, dancin and interacting with the Apesters.

Hangin with swanky posters and awesome decor, old friends and new friends, greasers and TIKI philes, can't think of a better Sunday. MAHALOS to all!
PS. The TIKI Tones were awesome, but I had to get my daughter to her bed, only saw 3 hits.

Glad to see you guys out there, always happy to meet more Tiki Centralites. Man I got there at like 3 in the afternoon and was alraedy pretty faded by the APE set. I must say Al and Shelley brought a bit of new life to the Doll Hut. I don't think that place has ever had a spontaneous Limbo line erupt, oh and I won't even mention the conga line.

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