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This may be kinda stupid, but I found a little tiki scene on a package of ice-cream at my neighbourhood Safeway:

Forgive me if this has been posted before.


P.S. The ice-cream tastes alright.

guess i'll be stopping at safeway on my way home tonight. thanks slacks.

Not stupid at all! Any Tiki siting is a good siting. As a matter of fact, I bet the original print is really cool! (no pun intended...ok, yeah it was intended.)

On 2003-10-20 13:03, SugarCaddyDaddy wrote:
As a matter of fact, I bet the original print is really cool!

I bet it's a'scream!

(sorry, couldn't resist)

What's Safeway on Sothern California? I want some of that Ice Cream to go on my Julian Apple Pie!

On 2003-10-20 14:09, freddiefreelance wrote:
What's Safeway on Sothern California

Years ago, we used to have Safeway in So Cali. I think it was bought up, conglomorated, stock split, and morphed into Billy's Auto Lube.


The Safeways where I live all turned into Von's.

Yes, Slacks Ferret, this was a stupid, stupid post and to atone for it, you should immediately purchase a case of this ice cream, pack it in dry ice and ship it overnight to me.

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Billys lubes cars???

[ Edited by: revbambooben on 2003-10-20 21:55 ]

Actually you can find this ice cream at any Von's or Pavillions Store. This Brand of Ice Cream is surprisingly GOOD (I say surprisingly because it's normally pretty cheap). While I'm not a huge fan of this particular flavor -- the other flavors are great.


Hah! I'm off to Vons tonight! But I already ate all the pie... I'll have to buy another!

I keep buying and buying and buying these just for the lid! Why am I getting so fat?

Well, I can't seem to find this ice cream near me. I did, however, cover the Von's stores (formerly Safeway here in SoCal) twice, since I assumed that I was looking for the 1/2 gallon size. After not finding ANY "Great Escapes", Safeway Select ice creams, I FINALLY noticed that it's the pint-sized ice creams that were the "Great Escapes" brand. So, off to Von's again I went (yeah, even crossing the picket lines..again), but still no luck...yet. It may, of course, just be that because of the strike that they may be temporarily out of it. I couldn't get any info from the store employees, since they are just temporary, non-union workers until the strike is over.

I'll let you know if and when I find it.

I have had this ice cream and it is tikilicious!

Slacks: Rush out to Safeway right now -- this ice cream is on sale for $1.99 (regular price $4.99). I just bought 3 tubs.

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