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old shag print??

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Hi, I am looking for an old tiki print called (I think) Entrance to tiki village. I think it is an old shag work. It has two explorers entering a tiki village in a canoe with an exotic look to it. We are adding a mural to our tiki bar and would love to have something close to that artwork. I saw it once on line and have'nt seen it since. Can anyone help?? Thanks Scott


I believe you are referring to the Sepik Explorer that is long sold out and published in 2001. Your best bet is to watch the online auctions for one.


That's always been one of my favorite Shag prints. Nice allusion to the Jungle Cruise.



Sepik Explorer and Woman on Tiki are definitely my two favorite Shag prints!


On 2003-10-21 12:48, Jax Tiki wrote:
Sepik Explorer and Woman on Tiki are definitely my two favorite Shag prints!

They are some of my favorites as well: Those are my only two Shag lithos!

That's one of my favorites too. If it comes around on e-bay, it's gonna be a pricy one.

Is that really Doug Nason (a.k.a. Nason of Copro/Nason) at the wheel of the boat??


I've heard it was Doug before, also.


Yep, Otto told me it was Doug.

It's printed on one of the first pages of "The Night of the Tiki Book". From the Copro/Nason show a few years back. Very cool painting! I'd say it's Doug.

Can you reproduce someone's copyrighted image in your bar??


I have the Sepik explorer on my tiki walls and i must say it's one of his greats.
Even if the three musicians is my favorite (and my first print).

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