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You know - the Sam's Seafood meeting the other night kind of got to me. I was pretty envious, I'll admit.

Rather than wallow in it however, I decided to take a small crew out to what turned out to be an abomination of a "Tiki Bar" with absolutely NO mana at all.

Kahunaville is located at the International Mall. Although the archetecture had appeal and there was an indoor waterfall and lots of matting and thatch... and some cheaply framed and poorly reproduced Shag™ prints hung on the wall... there wasn't a single Tiki. No. Not even a small one.

The place had to be 6000 sq. feet of space for customers. The blaring music was all of that bad pop from the 80s and early 90s and the drinks were pre-made garbage.

We were so disappointed that we got trashed at some other venue.

To top it all off, I was supposed to be at the Mai Kai that night anyway but had one of those "unexpected financial emergencies".

Now, on top of envious... I'm bitter.

Thanks for the descriptions of Sam's over in "Events." Sounds like a lot of fun.

(I'll eventually approach Kahunaville with the goal of getting our resident surfband in there and the placement "ceremony" of several Tikis and some decent drinks. 20 to 1 I get shown the door and lectured on what people reeeeally like.)


Went there a few months back(Kahunaville). Stuck in the back on a booth wall looked to me like a couple of Bosko masks in bamboo and mat frames. Could not get close enough to see if they were real or not but that was the only thing tiki I saw there.

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