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King Kukulele LIVE in Austria, Germany, Bosnia & Serbia!!

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Aloha Germany!
King Kukulele will be in Vienna, Austria on October 22nd and back again on the 26th and in Munich, Germany on Saturday November 1st and Sunday November 2nd. Is anyone in Germany or Austria interested in getting together?? I would like to see the Aloha Bar and Trader Vic's and who knows what else. Tell the Aloha Bar I'M COMING! You can contact me at [email protected] Between the 22nd and the 2nd of November I'll also be in Bosnia, Serbia, and hopefully I'll stop in Sarajevo. Please let me know if any Tiki Centralites are going to be in the area, I would love to meet you.


[ Edited by: KING KUKULELE on 2003-10-20 14:41 ]


funny post edited out by kahukini

The Universist Freethought Alliance: http://universist.meetup.com

[ Edited by: kahukini on 2003-10-20 16:31 ]

You got sumpthin' against Croatia, fella?

On 2003-10-20 14:38, kahukini wrote:
Just tell them "Ahhnold Sucks!" and see what happens. I'm curious.

The Universist Freethought Alliance: http://universist.meetup.com


Just so I can begin to understand the definitions we use, does this count as Political trolling or not?


Thanks for tattling on me rather than PM'ing Bong, I'll have to spend more time watching your posts to share the aloha. It was a slip, I do that, I'm a political animal. I edited it out as soon as I saw your post. Now your post is the only one with the text on this forum. I suggest you edit it out so as not to be accused of violating the rules.

Kukulele, I am sincerely interested to hear any audience reaction to any current events remarks you may make in the course of your routine. Feel free to email [email protected]

Dress like a pirate and do something naughty.

[ Edited by: kahukini on 2003-10-20 16:37 ]

Just so I can begin to understand the definitions we use, does this count as Political trolling or not?

Political trolling? Not quite.

Beyond Tiki has a ban on discussing Politics and Religion. That's the rules. This is not Beyond Tiki, and this is not a discussion on politics or religion.

What Kahukini made was a political joke/jab, which I also do not allow at this point. I ask people to remove comments like that, or I'll do it for them. If it becomes a big problem I may go beyond that, but not normally.

The underlying reason for this is I don't want it to be an issue to anyone. I want it to go away without causing a stir. And to that degree, Kahukini is right ... if you see a problem with a post, just PM the person and PM me and hopefully it will go away quickly and quietly without a scene.

Since banning religion and politics, we've actually had many breaches of those rules, but they often go by undetected or are settled without a big fuss, which is much preferable to the few knock-down drag-outs we've had in the past.

Thanks for asking for the clarification.


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2003-10-20 17:11 ]

Hey! What ever happened to 2-wheeler-tiki??

Be safe on your journeys my "life saver little skinny friend!!" Get some good video!!

Reverend BEN!!!
The Amazing Bambini! When you say the "2 wheeler Tiki" are you referring to Crazy Al, or to me on a scooter? Well listen up Rev, I missed out on video taping an entire summer of amazing Tiki Treks--(Every Saturday night in August) and I couldn't go to Europe without my camera so I'm getting it fixed! This means that it won't be long before I will be able to give you your very own video of those oysters that you puked up on the sidewalks of Key West. I can't wait to see the look on your face...and Holden's face.

Purple Jade--I'm going to perform for US Troops and we don't have any trooops in Croatia...we may drive through Croatia though. I'll tell them you say hi.

You know Ben, I was just thinking the same thing about Two Wheelin. With all the talk about the Tiki Ti lately. Hey Kukelele, while you are over there, try the gaspacho(sp?) be safe and all that junk.

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