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We were at Ralph's looking for or favorite dessert (Dryers Whole Fruit Sorbet-Mango) and spotted frozen egg rolls from The World Famous Kahiki Restaurant with info on the Mystery Girl on the side. Anyone seen or tried these? Are these really old or really new? Our kitchen is still deconstructed so I did not get any.

I've found them at Farmer Jacks' & Meiers'
(midwest). My wife has tried the egg rolls and was happy with them (that's saying alot for her). I've had the sweet & sour chicken thingies (they're meant as an appetizer, but I made rice for the full effect) They're not bad. I keep looking for the General Tao chicken, but no luck yet.

about 2 months ago, Kahiki folks told me (via Email) that they expect to be in Costco soon. I assume they mean their sauces in bulk & they're pupu platter (serves 20)


Super Wally-World has them too.


We have them here in East TN. I don't put them above average, and average is not great. The eggrolls must be baked to be reasonable. It is nice to have in the ice box though.

After they closed the restaurant the owner really wanted to expand his frozen food division so it looks like he is doing so. Nothing out here yet on the West Coast but we wouldnt see it anyway with all the strikes going on.

bongofury wrote:
We were at Ralph's...and spotted frozen egg rolls from The World Famous Kahiki Restaurant...Anyone seen or tried these?


These have been around for awhile and aren't bad. Not fantastic, but still good. Personally for me, it's more of a nostalgic idea of "eating something from The Kahiki", since there really are better frozen tidbits out on the marketplace, and, being the Hoity Toity that I am, we do have Li's Chinese about 200 yards from my house (which has the burrito-size eggrolls and is served before every SoCal Hoity Toity Tiki Crawl), so it's not hard for us in Huntington Beach to choose between Kahiki frozen and Li's fresh!

Here in SoCal you can find them at all of the Smart & Final stores.

I cannot believe the Kahiki tiki palace was destroyed so that their energy could be used to develop super salty frozen tripe. Ka-Kahiki's General Tso's Chicken ("flavor enhanced" shoe leather) is available at your local Costco.

I hope they sleep well at night. BASTARDS!

"I like you, man. You're crazy, but I like you."

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They probably sell them at Walgreen's.

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