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Special Announcement!

MAI TAI is now online!!!


Yes, that’s right… despite a complete lack of knowledge of HTML and web-related stuff, I have managed to put together an online version of The Montreal Tiki Appreciation Society’s MAI TAI newsletter!

The MAI TAI web-site is the place to go to find out about Montreal-area Tiki... and also to read about the Appreciation Society’s excursions to tiki hot spots around the world!

For those of you new to MAI TAI, you’ll find a selection of articles from past issues, as well as information about ordering the most current issue.

Don’t forget to check out the CREDITS section to learn about MAI TAI contributors! Send us your tiki-related link and we’ll put you in the LINKS section!

Just because Mai Tai is going online doesn't mean we're letting the photocopier cool off... Our next print issue, the long-delayed Mai Tai #11, will be out sometime soon... Check the web-site for the latest details.


John T.

Excellent! Tres bien! It is with much joy that I see the Mai Tai is online!

Congrats on a swell page.

I liked Bamboo too by the way. Been to The Luau and the Jardin Tiki, but have yet to go coconuts at the Coconut hotel and motel!

Congrats on getting your labour of love out there for more people to read and appreciate. I always loved the writing, some of the funniest stuff (together with Tikifish's Website) coming out of the cold North. A great source of info, coming from the same perspective of love and humor than the rest of us.

[PS: When you have time to get to it, please correct in my interview in the movie paragraph where I refer to THE modern architects' movie as "The Fountain PEN", it should read "The Fountain HEAD" (from the Ayn Rand book), :), it's only because I really want to recommend it to everyone as the quintessential overdone "artist struggling against mediocrity" melodrama]


I dunno, 'The Fountain Pen' sounds like a thrilling melodrama not to be missed.

Excellent. I am located in Burlington, Vermont only a short 1.5 hour drive from Montreal. I, together with some of the other North Eastern Tiki Centralites will enjoy your regional news letter now that it is online. Perhaps soon we can join ranks and form the Greatest Tiki Collective of ALL TIME!!! ...or a least get together for a few cocktails.

Bon soir and mahalo for the Mai Tai.

Over 100,000,000 served on the first day isn't bad;)

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