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My wife and I celebrated our first anniversary this past month. An seeing we didn't have a lot of money to goto the islands, we just went where our money could take us. But I was going through photos of the wedding, and I almost for got a gift a dear (but insane) friend send us. A pair of "custom" tikis for out cake topper.
I call her insane because she griped about being there, and finally moved back to Idaho.
Anyways I figured I would post a link to the picture for you guys and gals to have a look-see and to give you all an idea for any upcoming weddings.

PS If you want to see the rest of the pictures here's the link:


Cute! Those look very similar to the ones we had at ours. I took a pair of X-eyes S&P shakers, and put a felt top hat and satin bow tie on one, and a veil and string of pearls on the other. Still up in the bar for your amusement.

Great cake toppers!
What a great idea!
I've done a bday cake with a big tiki mug, and a beach scene complete with Sea Critters and hula dancers and a volcano.
Of course I can't find a picture of it. Fooooooooo

I'm getting married in June & I'm designing our cake.

I'll post pics.

In June...

Cool Can't wait to see!

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