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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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With all the talented artists and artisans on this list, I think it would be fun to talk about the kinds of mugs we'd like to see in the future.

I'd love to see Miles Thompson's ( http://www.kooch-e-koo.com ) take on a hula girl mug. I dig his hula girl images, so I bet he would produce a very cool update of the classic hula girl mug.

Just pimpin'

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I would love to see someone produce a hula girl mug that looks like the night-before woman, not the morning-after woman. Yikes! Tiki mugs just aren't meant for the kind of detail that was attempted on the hula girls' faces on the old mugs & bowls.

I hear y'all about a hula girl mug. I've always wanted to make one of them. I got a few mugs that I'm trying to get ready . Kooche would make a sweet mug if ya ask me.


A Miles Thompson mug gets my vote too! In Tiki Quest there is a Coco Joes Volcano Coffee Mug. I am a hot tea drinker, I would love to see a new take on that mug.

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