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Tiki Doris, aka swizzledd sent me these photos of the long awaited and often talked about Tiki Golf.
I expect some of the Florida members to give us a review!


[ Edited by: TikiGardener on 2002-07-23 12:38 ]

[ Edited by: TikiGardener on 2002-07-23 12:39 ]

Hey Gardner, where have you been? The Muggler and I have both checked it out and posted info on the place. Also, I happen to know you were contacted by e-mail about a sizable cache of Tiki Gardens photos, but you have yet to respond to the generous soul who sent the tip your way. If you missed the message, let us know and I'm sure you'll get another opportunity.

Hey yerself!!! I actually just got off the phone with Chris about 10 minutes ago! Seems my private reply didn't go though.
As to my apparent lack of knowledge about previous Tiki Golf info, I've been a little busier with things non tiki ( read-> work )
that my browsing and posting has been kept to a pitiful minimum.
Keep on Tiki-ing on!

Didn't mean to kick dirt... I told Chris you were probably very busy and that you had always been very prompt in responding to my inquiries. Hope it all works out.

Hope I didn't imply the kicking of dirt! Its all good! Whenever I finally get around to returning for a visit to the grand Clearwater area, we're all going to have to hook up for a shin dig!
Thanks for the heads up anyways, the way things have been, I could have missed the initial heads up, the followup kick in the pants, and a rabid weasel down the pants reminder that I'm sure would have been warranted.
For example, next week I get to help move The Getty Museums contents of one of there storehouses. Basically a bunch of mosaics ( read-> very large pieces of ancient house WALLS ) to an Indiana Jones style warehouse.
500lbs of wall, repeated ad infinitum are going to make me need a zombie to not feel like one!
Keep on poking me with a tiki torch, or I might slip into a coma.

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