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Tikitown and the "C" boys

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Craig Stecyk stylie...sorry...saw Dogtown and the Z boys for the fifth time today. "We used to ride around all day looking for a good sawmill scrap pile..it was carving warfare, dude, and YOU were the warrior"

BK , you gonna hurt yo-self der buddy. Then we's is gonna all be f*cked

Speaking of Dogtown and Z Boys, BK (which I myself have just about worn out watching) do you have any idea of where Tony Alva's poolside tiki came from? I've been looking for a photo of it and am coming up short... am working on a screen grab to get a good look at it. It has a great old school look to it.

Once a Punk,

Always a Punk!

Chiki-Yeah...I should lay off that Demerara in that bottle...Lake-That looked a hell of a lot like a vintage Guanko creation to me, but I could be wrong. Ben-I don't know Karate but I know Karaze... :)

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And to think, I used to think only guys holding MUSICAL intruments were hot...
Carvers ROCK!!!!!!!!

Once a Suburban White Boy,

Always a Suburban White Boy!


That movie Rocks! Those guys were my heroes when I was a kid. Posters all over the wall.
Skatin everyday. Only in small town Oregon you don't find too many empty swimming pools.
Things have changed a bit. Oregon is now skatepark mecca.
Check out http://www.skateoregon.com if you wanna see some incredible parks.

....our very own Judy aka (bamboo2u) is in that flick!


Luckily I had my Van's on when I read this post. I've still got an old Alva deck at my mom's!!! The movie has actually been on satelite for the past month pretty regularly. Wish I could still rip like I used to but another 70 lbs and several motorcycle wreck injuries keep me from bashing my skull against a sidewalk now!

Scotty dog

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