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Easter Island documentary on Discover HD Theater tonight

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Heads up to those of you with HiDef TVs -- Discovery HD Theater is running a documentary called "Easter Island: Children of the Moai" several times tonight:


The whole thing was shot in HD, so the footage is beautiful. Check it out if you can.

[ Edited by: Phillip Roberts 2010-07-23 23:59 ]

There was no number to call. It seemed like a recent production so maybe they are going to run it a few more times before putting it on video.

I've seen it in Analog.
It is definately a winner

The show is airing a few times over this weekend:

Easter Island: Children of the Moai

Nov 15 09:00 pm

Nov 16 01:00 am

Nov 16 05:00 am

Nov 16 12:00 pm

[ Edited by: Phillip Roberts 2010-07-24 00:00 ]

Most disappointed am I. I didn't realize there was a difference and I have been wondering why my Comcast cable Discovery Channel wasn't showing it.

Oh well. May be I'll go rent the 2 Easter Island videos from the LA Central library, after I pay my library fine (incurred when I last rented the videos).

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