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Tikini Apartments, Seattle, WA (apartments)

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Name:Tikini Apartments
Street:2626 Thorndyke Ave W

A small three story 1960's apartment building. The building is rectangular with a wall of white rock running down the middle of it (which is an enclosed stairway), a carved wood panel (painted off white) runs the length of the rock and down the center of the front door. TIKINI is spelled out with large wood letters in a Tiki style font (obscurred by a stand of ginko trees) to the left of the central stair enclosure. Small (12-16") rustic Tiki faces (somewhat Witco like), also painted off white, adorn the the upper face of the building and roof covering the front entry. The door and its carved panel appears to have been dark wood once, the carved panel by the white rock and Tikis may have been dark wood once as well.

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The Tikini apartments was a nice little surprise but isn't worth a trip unless you're already in the neighborhood (Thorndyke Avenue is in the lower Magnolia area of Seattle). Unfortunately some large (but attractive) trees obscure the apartment's lines and its neat logo.


I just passed by the Tikini Apartments last week, and went back this afternoon with my camera to get some pics :

Thanks for posting those pix. This is really great. Thanks.

I second the thanks. Those are really unique.


Really neat! Thanks Puamana!

On Saturday we drove past an apartment with huge gas torches way up high, that was cool. Though I didn't see any other hints of poly pop.

I wonder how it would look if the tiki elements were in a more contrasting colour, like a really dark brown?


Apartments with gas torches in Seattle?? Where? I must go see that!


Sounds like the condos located next to the onramp to I-5 at Mercer Street. I just noticed they had Tiki torches on their balconies. Nothing else remarkable about the building so I wouldn't bother looking. Now there is an apartment building in the north end of Seattle somewhere called the Tiki Apartments. Don't know anything about it though.

On 2008-04-25 03:37, TorchGuy wrote:
Apartments with gas torches in Seattle?? Where? I must go see that!

Dang, I completely missed this thread back when, I could have shown an example of apartment Witco in Tiki Mod! Thanks for digging it up, Torchy!

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