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Well just my babe :wink:

Transportation to and from Luzon from White Beach, Puerto Galera.

Bamboo bar stools at a beachside traditional style, nipa hut bar on White Beach, PG. I was told these cost $7.50 each locally.

Bamboo bar shelves in White Beach bar. Probably costs less than $25 locally.

More bamboo bar storage, notice coffee cup holders and stem glass holders.

Bamboo bar's fondation, notice main beams made from a tree trunk.

White beach, PG late in the afternoon.

Mindodro's mountains in the distance from White Beach.

View of the end/headlands of White Beach, note there are thousands of coconut palms all over Puerto Galera.

What you see when you turn away from the beach at Talapanan, PG. (Talapanan is the beach around the headland from White Beach and it is comparitively deserted)

Towards the beach at Talapanan.

I'll post a few more here in a bit.

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I'll take 4 of the babmboo stools! heehee
Thanks for sharing the pix!

GECKO posted on Mon, Oct 27, 2003 2:28 PM

WHAT THA.....HAY thats my dam SISTER buddy!!!!

no worries jus talkin'funny brah.


Three views of white beach.

This was a slick idea, the rack comes out of the ceiling at an angle so the wine bottles are tilted and the corks don't dry out.

Local transport, bonca outriggers are very common. I wonder why the Polys only use one?

Luka's Italian restaurant on otherwise deserted Talapanan Beach.

I said it was deserted!

Well a little bit farther down there were a few huts, this one was 'for sale'. :wink:

Our beach 'hut' on Sabang Beach ,PG. Yes it had AC, TV and hotwater for $16.66 a night.

Overstuffed rattan love seat in front of our beach hut with a view of the ocean.

The bamboo front of a restaurant in Sabang, inside it was the same.

These were lamp shades made of thatch and bamboo.

Tikis on the ceiling of a Sabang beachside resort's bar.


Commercial grade carvings in Banaue.

Real Philipino Tikis that were made in and for someones home.

Traditional rice Gods in Banaue.

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On 2003-10-27 10:40, Basement Kahuna wrote:
That disco ball and rack of plastic coffee cups are burning my eyes, though.. :(

Remember it is a P.I. beach bar, not a retro Hollywood Tiki bar. They are not hip to all things (or anything) Tiki. This is just their traditional use of bamboo for their bars, which is cool on it’s own and I thought it might give some folks some ideas. Meanwhile I had the book of Tiki with me and showed it to the owners of my favorite bar in White Beach and they thought the stuff was very cool. They had never seen Tikis or that kind of decor, nor did they have any knowledge of the ex-pat Philippino community’s connection to that cocktail era. I sent them 5 Tiki masks before I went stateside to dress up their bar.

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Parting must have been sweet sorrow.

As a filipino myself, who grew up there, I never knew my people's involvement in the tiki culture here in america, not until reading the Book of Tiki. I guess I have to thank Sven for that.

Salamat (thank you) Sven.

That was a nice gesture...the place looks beautiful... like one could just put a pup tent on the beach and live happily ever after.


how was the terrorist angle?


No terrorists, just taxi/trike driving sharks, kamakazi bus drivers, and dengue fever. But most of the 3rd world tropics are like that. Personally the most frightening place I have ever been is South Central LA.


any american-animosity?


NO WAY! The Philippinos love Americans, especially their money! :lol: But seriously they are very friendly, polite people who speak fairly good English and having been 'raised' on U.S Navy culture, calling all foreigners Sir or Mam. They also make a mean 1950's Navy wife style macaroni salad and the worst coffee since HoJos. :P The only problems I encountered was with some of the taxi/trike drivers trying to rip you off (that is found EVERYWHERE in the 3rd world), and a few wacko street people in Manila. Really if you have been to say Mexico and can handle the 3rd world, PI is great!

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Ah, Navy Days at Subic Bay and the China Seas Enlisted Club.

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