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Attempt at tiki art

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Since I haven't a single creative bone in my body, I decided to use tiki theme and Shag as my "inspiration" for this year's jack-o-lantern:

The carving:

With the lights out:

Here's what I copied:

I just need to find an umbrella to stick in his head.

It's great! I think you should try to carve a little pissy pineapple like the one in the painting too.

Have you checked out tikifish's Tiki-o-lantern patterns on tikifish.com?

Definitely leave the lights out

I'm planning a Tiki-O-Lantern for my company's pumpkin carving contest. I'll try to post pictures afterwards.

paranoid 123,

It's probably not that you don't have a creative bone in your body, as much as it is you just haven't yet attempted creating something.

I've always told my kids (and others), just do something, anything. Art is self-expression. Whether it's song, dance, painting, drawing, stacking sticks in a pile.

Self-expression is rewarding whether anyone else likes it or not. It is also a process, one in which you get better at the more you work it. To borrow a tired Nike motto - Just do it.

PS The pumpkin is cool.

That is a classic pumpkin. Nice job!

Yes, very nice!

Brown poster paint on a pumpkin can create a nice Tiki effect too - I'm gonna give it another shot this year... mebbe post it too. I've been inspired by your work!

Johnny $

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