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Last Call for Tokyo Tiki

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I leave tomorrow morning - besides the Trader Vic's and the 2 Tiki Tiki's, any tiki restaurant sugestions in Tokyo are welcomed.

I think I'll give the Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room a miss though... too many dolla dolla bills to get in... and I still have yet to buy a wedding dress, ahah!

Hey, I wanna go too...
Check this guy out: http://www.kensasaki.com/
go to "album", and in "Info" you see where you can buy it in Tokyo

That's too bad... I was a show designer on the new rehab! Actually you ain't missing much - we blew it - the new show has "rapping" hip-hop birds....
But you should go next door to check out Tokyo DisneySea - I worked on that park for 4 years & it is the shit!
Seriously, Mysterious Island (Jules Verne/20,000 Leagues section) is the coolest thing ever...
Be prepared to wait in hour-long lines for the Gyoza cart....

Since you've got the inside track at Disney, do you know if there are any plans for the Submarines Lagoon or something new for the old Rocket Rods area?

P.S. I know this is OT, my apologies!

I haven't worked there since 2000 - the Subs attraction was gonna have a really cool new version - but management 86'd it - I have no idea on the rocket Rods. They are still chagrined by that failure...

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