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Zombie Island!

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Hey all - You may or not be aware (or care, for that matter) that I've been involved with the production of the largest Halloween attraction in the NW, but I have, and I believe I've finally found a way to merge my love of things tiki and halloween. Hear me out...

Each winter the folks who put this attraction on get everyone together to brainstorm on ideas for the next year. We have at least 3 separate themed areas to do next year (and probably more like 5), so I want to get a tiki attraction in. I'm going to propose Zombie Island (no telling, Noel!) and I have an illustrator friend who's all over helping me with a grand proposal.

So I'm posting here because I need ideas for a scary tiki themed halloween attraction. Think BIG - our stuff is just about a step and a half sub Disney, so if you can dream it we can probably do it. I'm looking for possible scenarios, monster ideas, decor ideas, fx, whatever. I think it could be REALLY cool, and even more so if there is heavy TC involvement.

Things to know: The attractions are indoors on carpeted floors (so sand could be an issue). The ceilings average about 9 feet high. Water features are fine (we've done 'em twice now).

So what do you think? Ideas?

how about ...

a bunch of skeletons wearing aloha shirts, drinking frilly drinks w/ cocktail parasols from tiki mugs sitting around a tiki bar or at a luau?

a tiki that looks like a statue but then comes out of the wall & chases you?

cannibals stewing a pot full of people?

shrunken heads that you have to walk thru or that fall down on top of you?

btw, i'm interested in these ideas too. tiki emi & i wanted to throw a haunted luau (another idea) for halloween this year, but just didn't find the time/energy w/ the move et al. we're hoping to do it next halloween.


Something like this would have to involve Pele.. her old hag persona... with power to make the ground tremble and lava flow.

I had a piano teacher like that once.

let me know when you get to the makeup and effects stuff, thats my bag.
a large moai coming to life ala the gollum would be great.
seems like their is time to put thought to this one, will contact you later.

Kim posted on Tue, Oct 28, 2003 2:50 PM

Tikitronic & I actually tried to come up with a pitch this year, and didn't get it together in time. I like the Pele idea alot-- a tiki-fied Swamp Witch sort of thing! Tikitronic wanted to do some sort of haunted Moai-- you should ask him about it.

And I could be wrong, but I bet we could do a small amount of sand, if it was set dressing. It just couldn't be something guests would walk on, or else it would get tracked all over.

Not to worry your pretty little beak about it, Kim - I fully intended to get you and Lobotomo involved in the planning. Don't know if it would be a Baron thing or a Henry thing - guess it depends on whether it's a room or a whole attraction...

We need a volcano, for sure! And maybe a grotto where guests can walk behind a waterfall. Oh yeah! Bet I could get TCers from all over the west coast to come see this next year if we pull it off!


This isn't so much offering an idea as it is just a mood-setter. This bizarre machine was on ebay a few months ago and I saved the pics. It looks pretty spooky and haunting, in that witch doctor, shrunken head kinda way.

Small backlit window in base of unit:

Hope these help.

If you can sit through it, the Scooby Doo movie that came out last year has a cool tiki / voodoo thing going on.
Not to copy, but may spark some ideas.

On 2003-10-28 15:21, Tiki-bot wrote:
This bizarre machine was on ebay a few months ago and I saved the pics.

Tiki-bot, do you remember the eBay name of the seller?


That machine is TOO cool! Definitely good reference. And re the Scooby Doo movie - I admit to having seen it and will probably have to watch it again 'cause it did have some cool tiki stuff in it...


No idea who the seller was. All I remember is it went for somewhere around $2k.

I seem to remember reading about Gecko being interested in making such a machine, so maybe he has the original seller's name?

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Coooooooooooooool, haunted tiki house...
I'm gonna start plannin now, I'll be there!


The artist was Thomas Kuntz
He's done some stuff for Skinny Puppy, one of my fave all time bands.

Muggler, the chikitiki made a bar for the person (playboy chick) who bought that animatronic thing. I don't know if that helps, I just wanted to be a name dropper.

You could expand on the drunken Shriner schtick you guys featured to open your museum of horrors. I was there last night and it was one spooktacular hoot! This needs to be discussed over tropical cocktails.

How about at the very end as they are about to exit, you notify your visitors that they have been chosen to be "sacrificed to the gods, and they have to walk into or down to and through a make-shift steaming/fiery volcano.


Another automatronic sculpture by Kuntz. On ebay

Another possibility to consider for next year - somewhere between doing a single room and a full new haunt -

Earlier this season I had been talking to the other Mark, and the idea came up of expanding the Cadaver Club from this year into a full blown Tiki/Exotica club of the dead.

It might work nicely to have the Tiki Night Club scene open onto an outdoor scene where we could work out some Tiki magic...

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