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Help Needed! Tiki images ...

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Hey all,

My wife needs your help. She's a product design director and is currently working on her companys' candle line. After listening to my whining, she's adding a tiki themed candle to the spring line...

Well, she needs some clip art & images as reference for the label. She wants OLD looking art (ie: a drawing of an explorers' first encounter with a tiki ala' 1800's)
worst part, she needs it this week. Anyone out there have any good links? I suggested BOT, but she wants older (non-50's pop)



You could look at pictures of carvings from the Sepik River area of Papua New Guinea. Try going to google, click on 'images' and type in 'sepik' or 'sepik mask'...

I don't know about online clipart, but there are excellent 18th century lithos and etchings shown in the book "Hawaiian Sculpture" by J. Halley Cox & William H. Davenport. Excellent pictorial reference of early Hawaii carving and sculpture.


If your wife's company wholesales to other retailers, I'd like to know the name of the company. I've talked my employer into doing a tiki spring line, and we might be interested in a candle that's a cut above what's out there now.

A Tiki Cheers To You!

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here is a website called tack-o-rama http://www.anzwers.org/free/tackorama/
goto fonts and download "return of the retrobats" it's in the dings section.

I used them on my site, they are flat images, but with some imagination from the art dept, they should have a dementional tiki in no time.

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