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Hi Folks
I landed in San Diego on monday noon (what a sight it was - the whole city coverd with smoke and ashes), was picked up by the wahine, and taken to our new rented place in North Park, San Diego.
I was shocked by the amount of decor my wife has amassed in the 5 months that we have been apart. Tons of tropical themed objects for the living room, bedroom and one of the bathrooms, plus skull/goth objects for the extra bathroom. She did such great work. On top of that I got to see the prizes from the drink contest (thanks again Tiki Farm, Tiki Freaks and Drew), and the amazing Tiki Quest book. I also got to examine the Shag/Tiki Farm HukiHuki mug that the missus got for me. Great!
We had reservations for 18:00 at the Bali Hai, but we couldn't resist having pizza for lunch (which proved to be a mistake later).
OK - we went over to the Bali Hai, had some drinks (Mr. Bali Hai, Rum Runner, Frozen Daquiri, Missionary's Downfall, and a Pieces of Eight), and some of the great food (which we had to box to take home because of the pizza...). The server was very friendly and after he heard we were celebrating our 2nd anniversary, he surprised us with a dessert.
Great place to dine. Afterwards we headed over to Trader Mort's, where we were impressed with the selection and Tikis but not with the prices which were pretty high.

I just got this computer set up this morning, and the dial up connection we're using is gonna expire in a few days. It would take me some time to get things up and going properly, but basically I just wanted to say hello so you know I havn't disappeared.

BTW - anyone doing anything good for Halloween in the San Diego area? Havn't got a costume yet, but hoping to get one in time.


Hey K-t-R!

Glad to hear you're finally in the land of less-than $27 Myers.

Al and Shelly, and me and mine are going to be staying at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn on Friday the day after Thanksgiving (11/28). Of course this will include Bali Hai and an assorted mix of other stops.

See if you can manage to meet up with us at some point. I'm sure Al will be mixing something up in the suite.

Hi Bong
Thanks for the welcome and invitation, I'll definitely try to meet up with you guys, sounds like fun.


BTW - the duty free in the land of the $27 Myers's (for 750 ml), has 1 liter of Myers's for get this - $9!! It also had all kinds of Havana Club rum, including the 7 year one for $21, but I was not going to risk my immigration visa for that.

Welcome, KtR! So glad to see that you made it. As to Halloween festivities in the San Diego area, check out MonkeyMan's thread in the Events section. He goes all-out for Halloween and has invited TCers to come visit.

Hmmm. I just looked for the thread I mentioned and I can't see it. I swear it was there! Wha happen?

Anyway, there is a bowling event the weekend after Halloween. I know that thread is still there...

Aloha kick_the_reverb! welcome to San Diego. You'll have to excuse the mess, the B-B-Q got a little out of control this weekend. The Shipwreck clan is only about 9 miles east of you in (slighty singed & sooty) San Carlos. Our plans for this week are kinda tenuous at this point, but we're trying to bounce back in time for halloween / weekend activities. At least you timed it right for the return to Pacific Standard Time ...you only have to adjust your watch once.

Great to hear that you are in the land of Hoity Toity! Wow, 5 months away from your wife and you are taking time to post on Tiki Central!? Now that's a diehard TC'er if I ever did see one!

I look forward to meeting you soon at one of the gatherings!

SugarCaddyDaddy aka Frank


Hi Ran,

Welcome to San Diego! Sorry you arrived at what was possibly the worst possible time in the entire history of the city. Really, things are usually a little less "on fire" here. Good call spending your first evening at the Bali Hai. Mrs. ModMana and I look forward to meeting you at the next SD shindig. Feel free to contact us as we're always up for drinks or any other tiki activities.


ModMana :drink:

Aloha and shalom chaverim! Welcome to California. Can't wait to meet up with you, tipple some tropicals and play some surf tunes. Hopefully I'll be down in San Diego soon and if you make it up to Los Angeles, be sure to get in touch. Good luck and have fun getting into the swing of it all.

-Weird Unc

Hey, We'll have to come up with a tropical drink using Sabra! Bitter orange & chocolate... might mix well with white liquors, casis brandy, citrus juices, mint? :)

Welcome to the neighborhood, Ran, don't mind the mess, we're redecorating...

Hey folks,
Thanks for the kind words.
Although in our part of town nothing was burning, it was very ashy, and of course things that I needed were closed (like the immigration office).
Anyway looking forward to meeting all you guys soon, maybe making some drinks together.
Sabra! I forgot all about this substance. The idea is interesting, oculd come out nice. Anyway much better than drinking that oversweet liquor.


P.S. Speaking of surf tunes, Freddiefreelance - you got a free CD coming to you. But it'll take me a few days to get my stuff together and get organized. I got a few CD's with me (and 250 more coming in 2 months), so hopefuly anyone who wants one and meets me can save the shipping costs.

Howdy from tropical dixieland! Glad you made it here...We expect you at the next Hukilau (The big one..the Superbowl of Tiki!). Bring a guitar and we'll trade off on some Vamp Camp. :wink:

BK - I'll do my best to make it to the next Hukilau. But we might be meeting before that if the missus and I can make it to the grand opening of Brad's bar.


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