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Tiki Sighting on TV Land

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Sighted some tikis on Mr. Ed this morning. Didn't watch the whole episode but Wilbur was trying to get into a luau where Mr. Ed was hanging around by dressing as a hula girl. The luau was complete with drinks served in pineapples and carved tikis.

Yea, that was episode #115, "Ed the Stowaway." I'd forgotten how funny that show was since I hadn't seen it since I was a kid. There's an earlier episode where Ed is determined to decorate his stall in "Hawaiian Modern." FYI: A box set of "The Best of Mr. Ed" comes out on DVD in January (along with the first season of "Green Acres.")

Most shows of that era had a Hawaiian episode, or something having to do with tiki. There's even an episode of "My Favorite Martian" I caught on TV Land last year that takes place in a tiki bar!

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