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Name: St. Augustine Beach Tikis!
Street:"A" Street
City:St. Augustine Beach

"A" Street in St. Augustine Beach has become the next up & coming tiki oasis in Florida! Many tikis are displayed at the numerous homes, a surf shop (The Pit) & oceanside restaurant (The Beachcomber) on this little street! This tiki craze began at the gallery of Sophisticated Savage located at 3 "A" Street. There are about 15 tikis located on the outside grounds of the Savage's gallery. It's truly Tiki Madness! You gotta see it!

[ Edited by: sosavage on 2003-10-30 08:30 ]

I'll check that out next time I'm there. I go once a year usually in July.

See ya next year brah!

Sounds cool. My Dad told me he saw a store in St. Augustine with tikis for sale last month -- Of course he didn't buy any of them for me.
Might make a nice motorcycle trip fairly soon. Can you provide directions? And, what's the best watering hole? And, would you like to meet us there? Also, where the hell is the gigantic moai from the Kon-Tiki Campground on A1A? I'm sure it is toppled over on its side in some backyard just waiting to be discovered. Please find it for us.

[ Edited by: Kailuageoff on 2003-11-03 15:05 ]

Just went to your site. It's pretty cool. Your carvings are looking good. Was Bong your inspiration for the tiki flipping the bird? I like him.


i'm glad you like our site. That was our store that you were referring to, it was open for the summer season but closed for the winter. WE have a workshop at the beach and a pretty cool tiki collection adorning our property. We'll look into the Kon Tiki thing, where was it? There's a lot of good watering holes in St. Augustine, including The Beachcomber, Sunset Grille & The Oasis.

oh one more thing, who is Bong??????

The Kon-Tiki Campground was on A1A south of St. Augustine. I have a postcard that shows a fiberglass(?) moai that must be 30 feet tall. A girl in a bikini is leaning against it. Looks like the photo is from the 70's.
I'll try to scan the card and post it so you can see what I'm looking for. Surely, old timers in the area would know about it.

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