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Hey everyone. I have a tahitian tatoo that i got in ibiza of some tahitian symbols. Now I might want to get a little tiki or a tiki mask on my arm. Does anyone have any good ideas or pics? If so..post or email me or something.


You shouldn't ask for pic. You should have someone design one for you, so its one of a kind. There are many able artist on TC to choose from.


i would love if someone could design me an ultra cool tattoo.

tikiboi besides being one of da kreepy tiki karvers im afull time tattoo artist in Silhouette Studios miami fl.tattoos and tattooing is something I live and breathe, yes even more than tiki.and quality tattooing is the single most important thing to look for(besides a clean shop) .and i agree wit tikifish on gettin' something kustom, not getting a copy of someone else's work .there's nothing wrong with taking ideas from other tiki tattoos/ art.but make it youre own . on selecting an artist look at the artists portfolio ask if he or she likes to do the type of work (style) that youre looking to get( this makes a big difference)just because an artist likes to do and is great at say traditional american kolor work, he or she might not be the best to do a black and grey piece.and lastly take into account that it's gonna be there fo a looooowwwwng time .for this reason it's usually best to get a tattoo designed by an experienced tattoo artist ,and not just anyone who can draw circles around everyone.most tattoo artists love to do kustom work over "the shit on da wall" anyday .remember that what looks good on paper or kanvas wont always work on skin .especiaally after a couple of years of wear and tear.like tikifish said there is plenty of good artists here on tc who you can commission for a tiki sketch.just remember that it's to be tattooed not to display on a wall and which is why I recommend an experienced tattoo artist to design it for you, someone who has a basic understandin of what works in youre skin over time .because you can end up with something that looks good for a couple of years and ,in a couple more looks more and more like a big messy blob of shit.I know in youre home town PA there is some very good artists who i know would love to do something like that.so go out and do some leg work and that way you know you'll end up satisfied.good luck Kreepy tiki jaksin

hey my bad it is flounder art and not tikifish I meant to quote. sorry

The Pain, The Pain!!
Hey, Were all entitled to one tastless joke a month. It's under the TC rules.

Good point TikiJ,

I had one piece, below some other custom tahitian work, that was a piece of flash off the wall (God Damn beer decisions!).

To make a long story short, it cost me 3 times as much to have it covered over with a custom piece than it did to put the ink there in the first place. Thank tiki is was all black ink.

Think long and hard about what you want...


I would contact Tricia Allen, she specializes in oceanic tattoos and travels quite a bit, if she wont be in your area soon, she may be able to point you to someone in your area.

Go all the way and have it done in the traditional method with chisels and soot. Hell, have it done to your entire body-no that's tiki!

You can check out my tiki conga drum design at http:www.nicefishy.com . I always thought it would make a great tat.

You can check out my tiki conga drum design at http:www.nicefishy.com . I always thought it would make a great tat.

I swear I don't know how this double post mojo happened.

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I got this 'messy blob to be' in Thailand this Summer. I drew it myself and the retro cheesy 50's look is intentional. I mention this because the tattoo artist wanted me to make it look more modern with elongated flames etc. but I said no.

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