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Blue Hawaiians & Me in "Tiki Bar," SB. 1 Night Only!

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I realize that: 1. this is very short notice and; 2. I should have posted this in the events section, but I hope there will be some folks here who will be able to attend. I am trying to post the flyer here, but since my pictures never seem to post on TC, I will describe the event as well.

So, in case you can't see the above graphic, this is a Blue Hawaiians show up in Santa Barbara. Now, why would you drive 100 miles to see them when you could just wait to see them near you? For starters, because this is a benefit concert for Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County. For another, I am going to be spinning surf and tiki tunes before the band and in between sets. And the bar where this is being held is going to be transformed into a tiki bar for just that night! So if anyone on the list can make it, tickets are $10 in advance from the Arlington Ticket Agency or $12 at the door. It is located at Absinthe, 500 Anacapa St. (corner of Anacapa and Haley in Downtown SB) and starts around 9 PM. Hope some of you can make it!

Oh yeah, I'm the "Special Guest" mentioned in the flyer (or is it flier?)

[ Edited by: Trader_Rick on 2003-11-02 12:05 ]

Rick, is this tonight?

No, this is on Saturday, November 8, at 9 PM(Darn that flier! That's it, I'm getting a Shutterfly account). Hope you can make it, Danny!

[ Edited by: Trader_Rick on 2003-11-02 11:58 ]

Rick,I sent you an email.

Sorry, not trying to take away from other events on this day, but anybody going to this, besides me? Bongo Fury? Tiki Tony? Kreaky Tiki? Gimme a ring.

Rick, this thing was cool, thanks for the tip. The aloha was in SB. The Blue Hawaiians were great too. TIKitOnY got the grand tour of SB. Bongofury and Mickee were the MVP's of the night, they won something in the raffle. SB needs a tiki bar!

Chiki, I'm sorry that I did not make it. With a new nine month old, and our two other kids, I just couldn't get out of the house. It didn't help that I had been testing some of Beachbum Berry's drink recipes. By the way let me know next time you are up in Goleta. I found a cool vintage tiki in Isla Vista, carved out of palm. Have you checked out Kahuna Grill yet?



Next time Kreaky. I haven't check out the grill yet, but will head up there again soon.

This was fun.....it was good to finally meet Rick, spinning great exotica and surf tunes......This bar looks like nothing on the outside, the only way you would know anything was happining was that poster on a bulletin board out front. The Blue Hawaiians were good......nice steel work from Gary Brandin (check out his great cd with his son on guitar- The Vanduras-In The Dark). Jet Black was the best song.....did not stay for the second set so I don';t know if they played "Jockey Full Of Bourbon".......Stage had a couple of cool Chiki-Tikis....admission went to a good cause......we did win the raffle for 8 cds but was hoping to get the Chikitiki mug.....dang....hope to see ya next time Kreaky........

Hey, thanks to everyone who came to this. (Sorry I took a week to thank everyone, BTW. Just been very busy). Yes, SB does need more tiki. Alphie's and Kahuna Grill just ain't enough.

Anyway, this was a blast! Everyone loved the tiki's that Chikitiki carved (you should post some pics). Thanks for the keychain, too. And Tiki Tony, as soon as my girlffriend saw the nacklace you gave me, she said "This is mine now" and wore it all night. It was way cool meeting you, too, Bongofury. Damn it, there was someone else I met whose name I've forgotten, but I'm glad you came, too. If it weren't for some Tiki Central-ites showing up and helping out, the place sure would not have looked as cool, and probably not much like a tiki bar. I hope to see you guys all again at Hukilau, Tiki Oasis, a So. Cal. Tiki Crawl, or SOMETHING real soon! OK, message getting too long now.


PS: Anyone happen to take pics of this night?

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