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Tropicana Adult Videos

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Name:Tropicana Adult Videos
Street:617 W Miracle Mile

When I saw this from a distance, I hoped I had hit tiki gold...nope, just a porn place. The sign used to read: "Adult Hotel" but the motel part of the business seems to be abandoned. Ironically, the sign is better maintained than many of the mainstream signs in the area. The store is in what would have been the motel office. There are no tikis inside, unless they are in the theater :o

[ Edited by: tikijackalope on 2003-11-03 04:36 ]

An adult video store doesn't deserve a sign like that, you should steal it. Not that I condone that type of behavior. Not that I disagree with adult entertainment either.

This place is out of business. Its not only boarded up; there's chain length fencing around the property and I hear its been condemned. If anyone wants that sign, they might want to do some research and make an offer to whomever owns it.

I'll bet there were lots of tiki poles in the theatre when it was open.

Is that a Tiki in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? :o


I think These girls were lookin for tiki poles too
and from the looks on their faces, some may have found what they were lookin for

what's up with the stepford wives, benzart? :D


They just looked lost and maybe lookin for a tiki to share a Mai-Tai with lookin for a party I guess don't have jobs anymore since Tropical Adult videos locked up

[ Edited by: Benzart on 2004-06-03 19:41 ]


Benzart I think they were just happy to see YOU!

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