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Who is Bong?

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Okay Kids.... please explain to our new member (and check out his site for the carvings).

[ Edited by: KailuaGeoff on 2003-11-03 17:52 ]

Oh no, I'm not going to do any speaking for anyone else on this subject again.

All I'll say is if you're more like rubber than glue, you might find Bong to be quite entertaining.

kctiki posted on Mon, Nov 3, 2003 9:45 PM

Put a label on Bong?

Prankster...gadfly...blow-hard...philosopher whose collected musings are a Rubiyat for the 21st Century.

He's all of these and so much more. Don't try to stuff Bong into a box.

at least he didn't ask about Unkle John

i was going to claim it wasn't me climbing out of your daughter's window last night. nope no sir not me

Don't try to stuff Bong into a box.

Bong's petite frame fits well into a box. Is a tube considered a box?

SES posted on Tue, Nov 4, 2003 6:00 AM

Not who WHEN...


My BROTHER for life!


Can't we all just get a bong?
(TC original?)

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