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Any Tiki in Miami Beach ?

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Is there any (currently existing) tiki in Miami Beach?

I will definitely hit the MaiKai in Ft. Lauderdale, but I was hoping to check out tiki in Miami Beach locally (no desire to leave paradise on a short vacation) and I did not notice any other local places in The Tiki Roadtrip.

Does anyone know if the tiki bar at the Delano, behind the pool, is still going on?

When I was in Miami Beach last December I could not locate any tiki. However this didnt matter because the Mai Kai was a short drive away. The bar outside of the Delano was going strong but there were no tikis there. Have fun on your trip!

nope no tiki in miami , sorry this city sucks tikiwise .90% of people here dont even knoe what a tiki is...sad but true kreepytikijaksin


i grew up in Miami and now live in LA. when i was a kid though, the Castaways on 163rd was the coolest place ever! they had both a Chinese and a South Seas Tiki bar and the most insane indoor pool area (also with a bar!). i believe the Chinese bar was called the Shinto Temple and the tiki bar was the Tahiti Room. i couldn't wait for my parents to get sh*t-faced drunk and let me have their tiki mugs!

any Miami people remember that one?

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