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Where's A Good Place In So. Cal. To Have A Tropical Wedding?

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Hey There, everybody- Tiki Lee needs your advice!

I just got engaged to my FABULOUS Girlfriend last Friday Night, and we want to have a Tropical Themed wedding, naturally! Where are some good places with nice tropical garden settings in Southern California that are available for weddings? All the places that I grew up with are gone, so I am pretty darn clueless as to where to look, aside from the Huntington Library. (Do they even do weddings there?)

Anyway, any suggestions would be a great help.

Thanks A Bunch!

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huntington was running thru my mine too!

Tropical landscaping is suprisingly is not as easy to find as just lovely green parklike environments.

Unquestionably, the premier locations would be the very lush garden at Humphrey's in Shelter Island, San Diego. Alternatively, you may wish to have your ceremony outside at the Bali Hai, overlooking the bay and have the reception in the tiki resturant. Ask about their hook-up for hula lessons.

I also would recomend Paradise Point in Mission Bay at San Diego.

The Huntington Ritz Carlton in Pasadena has lovely, landscaped grounds with some tropical foliage.

There are numerous hotels in Santa Monica which allow for ceremonies overlooking the ocean, including Shutters and Casa Del Mar, although you may have to hit the jackpot or take out a 2nd on your home.

There also is the Bayside Country Club in Malibu.

Another idea would be to have it in a park like environment and rent the supplies from Oceanic Arts. Park like areas abound: Caltech or Altadena Town & Country Club or Descanso Gardens (the tulips are lovely) around Pasadena, or the Village Green condominium complex (where I reside).

For the true tiki event, you may wish to have the ceremony at sunset at the beach and then have the reception at the Purple Orchid in El Segundo (where your own caterer) or someplace like Duke's in Malibu or Huntington Beach.

Congratulations on the nuptuials.


congratulations! i proposed to my lady friday night as well.
though not necessarily "tropical," self realization fellowships lake shrine is beautiful. it is set on a pond, with a path around it, and lush gardens and growth surrounding the whole place. it is located in malibu.
let us know which location you choose.
congrats again.
p.s. i am pretty sure the huntington does allow weddings

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As much as I am pro-Huntington Beach, I'd have to say there are probably numerous other places much more 'tropical' to have a wedding. Personally, I prefer the scenery in Laguna Beach (and the Royal Hawaiian for drinks!).

thejab posted on Tue, Nov 4, 2003 2:36 PM

I have to agree with Christiki295 that Humphrey's Half Moon Inn would be my first choice.

Other places that have not been mentioned yet are the Hanalei Hotel in San Diego (the atrium area) and the Catamaran Resort, also in San Diego. Some pictures of the Half Moon Inn and the Hanalei:


Tiki-Bong is right about Laguna Beach.

I passed by one wedding on the gazebo with a panaromic view overlooking the ocean. I subsequently learned it can be reserved\rented for a nominal fee.

There would be no better place for a reception in Laguna Beach than the Royal Hawaiian, with tikis inside and out. Inexpensive, too.


Hey, Thanks A Bunch for all the great ideas! Keep 'em comin'! You guys are the best!

Hey Lee, congrat's on the enagagement.

Paradisecove.org, a semi-private beach in Malibu which is famous for Beach Blanket Bingo and other celeb name dropping, featuring Bob Morris' Paradise Cove cafe, offers wedding packages.

(However, I did not see tiki torches listed, a must for a tiki sunset wedding, in my opinion.)

Although I do not want to deny any bride the opportunity to marry in the traditional bridal gown, I'm all about going to Tommy Bahama's (or more vintage establishment) to buy the wedding gear, decorated with fresh leis available at the tropical florist at off San Pedro in the downtown LA Flower district and spending the balance on the Hawaiian honeymoon. (Not that I've been married.)


Tiki Lee,

Congratulations on your engagement!

The Laguna Beach suggestion is an excellent idea. I fortunate to attend a friend's wedding there and you just can't beat the view. Very romantic!

From there, you can take your limo to the Royal Hawaiian for a quick stop on your way to your reception at Sam's Seafood!

There are wedding receptions there all the time and as every H.T. knows, this is the most tropical of all locations you could find without trying to create it all yourself.

Another suggestion:

Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach. My niece and nephew got married and had their reception there. Beautiful location right on the water where they pledged their eternal love. Not very tiki, but I'm sure they could do something tropical for you at a very upscale price.

Finally, me and mine had a traditional wedding at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on 15th St. in Newport Beach (hey, we're old school!). It's one of the few churches just steps from the sand and ocean. From there, we walked across the street to the American Legion Hall overlooking the bay. We were free to decorate the hall in tropical motif and it was fabulous! A lot of work to do it ourselves, but the price was reasonable.

Anyhoo, hope this helps.

Best wishes.


Well, on second thought - me and madame Bong got hitched in HB at a real nice, old fashioned church called St Mary's by the Sea on 10th street and Orange.

One good thing about tieing the knot in HB, you'd have a hell of a party afterwards.

You could check on the L.A. County Arboretum in Arcadia (just East of Pasadena). They filmed Fantasy Island there, & several of the early Tarzan movies, too.

The arboretum is very nice and grassy, but how do they handle catering and/or setting up tents as the sun can be very strong there? Consequently, it may be better to use a country club.

I do like the occasional peacock visits, although their cries are very startling.

If using a tent, make sure the caterer can obtain palm frongs to attach outside on top, so as to create a tiki hut look (and also has tiki torches).


On 2003-11-06 09:05, Tiki_Bong wrote:
Well, on second thought - me and madame Bong got hitched in HB at a real nice, old fashioned church called St Mary's by the Sea on 10th street and Orange.

Hey Bong,

That's a beautiful little church. That place is about as "old school" as it gets!!!
Didn't realize you were a former alter boy like me. :wink:

Hi Again!

You all have been SO extremely helpful with your suggestions! Thank You So Much! My big stumbling block with trying to find a good place is the fact that my Grandparents, who live in Bellflower, can't travel too far. So, Sam's in H.B., plus the little church by the sea are the absolutely perfect choices! You guys have saved me tons of hours of research!
As a little "Thank You", I'm posting a photo I took of my fiancee, Gloria, in our backyard here in Vegas. Those of you who got to come out for "Mondo Tiki" at The Hard Rock might recognise her from our "Tiki Lee's" booth next to ChikiTiki's.

She was going to do her fire eating/martiki glass act, but there was no available "time-slot" on the stage, so she was cut. Oh well, hopefully next year.

Thanks again to everybody. Your help is what makes Tiki Central the best place on the net!

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I saw tropical themed weddings at the Bali Hai and Paradise Point resort in San Diego.
Humphrey's also was begging for a tropical wedding, too!

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