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My Tiki Costume - You won't be disappointed (hopefully)

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Hey gang,
Finally got around to getting some pics together of my tiki costume. I think it came out OK. Maybe someone from this site saw me in the Halloween parade in NYC down in SoHo. Man, that was fun. But maybe not the subways. :) Anyways, it was really fun to make and my picture was taken alot by strangers in the parade. Everyone was so cool. It took me about 20-30 hours to make, and materials cost from $80-90. Not too bad for a good costume that you cant buy.
I couldn't figure out how to post pict in these forums, so I posted on my free site. sorry bout the pop-ups. Lemme know what you think of it.

Wow, that is the coolest!

What kind of drinks were they serving there? They seemed to turn everyone's faces into a psychedelic blur!


That's so cute! What better party ensemble for an ambulatory tiki but aloha shorts & flip flops.


Very, very cool. Nice job!


Are the party-goers in the witness protection program?

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