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Help me name my tiki bar....

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After 5 arduous months and quite a few bucks on matting, thatching, etc., my home tiki bar is finally completed. Well, completed in the sense that I can actually share pics with my Tiki Central “friends”! Now, I know someone asked for help a while back on Yahoo about naming their bar – I would also like to enlist the help of the other members in naming my joint! I will try to post pictures on Tiki Central but I don’t know if I can figure it out - if not, I will post them in my Yahoo briefcase!

Thanks in Advance,

Ya know we just might help you name your bar, but we will not help you name your "joint"
Kappa Kappa pheel
The Crater
The Reef-r
Bobingo Lounge
Plumeria Palace
Coral Cove
2-key 2-key

  1. Tiki Bar
  2. In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Bar
  3. Fresh Tiki of Bel Air




You can't post pictures on Tiki Central (yet)... you can only post pictures on other places and link them here.

Even when you see pictures on the site right inside a post, they're still sitting on another website. To see what I mean, right click* on any picture in any message and click "properties". You'll see the Address is not tikiroom or tiki central, but somewhere else.

*my appologies to mac users.

:tiki: ~Hanford

One of the names we considered early on (before we came up with Castaway Cove) was Zombie Hut. I always liked that name, even though it's a lift from a real (defunct) bar. Think "Trader John's Zombie Hut". or not.

TV Tiki (based on profile occupation)
Harford County Hula Hut
Tiki John's (obvious)
The Coolest Bar off Route 24 (Route 1, whichever's closer)
Boomtown Tiki (as Bel Air is blowing up these days)

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know. Naming your bar, I think is one of the hardest parts. I had so many ideas. Unfortuatly, most of my ideas pan out in my brain, but don't seem to carry over to everyone else. My bar is the Tacky Techie Tiki Bar, as I work with PCs. How many times do I have to say it's a hard C in Techie, not a ch ch sound. Oh, they never get it. Good Luck John.


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That brings up a question I have been meaning to ask. Is it possible to receive the messages via email in HTML so the pictures load automatically? Right now they appear as image code but don't load in my Outlook program.

On 2002-07-26 11:39, thejab wrote:
Is it possible to receive the messages via email in HTML so the pictures load automatically?

Well, yeah, anything's possible, but it would require significant R&D on my end to get it working. It's something I want to try to get going.... but it's not like a snap. The main problem is I need to be able to send the emails out in HTML form, which requires, well, intercepting the message text at a different point in the web board.

You have to understand that I've never programmed PHP before, and this web board is written entirely in it, with almost no comments in the code. :)

But yes it's possible. Someday we'll have it!



If you go to the original posting on the web site, the images are there without having to load them by clicking on a web address or cut and pasting the address.


(First day on holidays and I'm already on TikiCentral - call the shrink)

I have always been fond of 'Bali'Hai' as a name, you could play with variations of that, like

Bali High
Bali Hi-Fi
Belly Hi


Stealing Tikifish's theme. (Isn't the wedding tomorrow? You need to sit in the Tiki couch)

Bali Hai Belly Up Bar


Thanks mrsmiley, I realize the pictures show up on the web page.

It sounds like it may be difficult so don't sweat it, it's not that important (Unless you really want to). I'm pleased as punch (rum punch of course) with tiki central otherwise.

GECKO posted on Sat, Jul 27, 2002 2:38 PM

Go wit da flow brah, whatevas make u happy.

Da Puka Lounge/hut/Lanai
Da Zombie Lanai
Lapu Lapu (an excelent drink!)
Aloha & Welcome to WaiTiki (Waikiki)

Just take your time and marinate as we do here on da islands. No need for wiki wiki.
A name will come. Drink 6 Maitai's tonight I garantee u will come up with something....might not be able to spell it though or remember it the next day.

Live Aloha!

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