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A true story...

I picked up Sven Kirsten, Tiki Culture Archaeologist at the airport and we spent the evening together talking on all sorts of topics. Somehow we got on the subject of things we were looking to find. Sven said he was looking for a chunky hanging swag lamp with blue in it. I told him how I had been looking for this August Holland painting which had been sold at Sears in the 60s called "Pearl of Wisdom."

So Sunday rolled around and we all went out for sushi as I had promised him. King K. and Swanky were there too. We took Sven to photograph a Shriner's Temple in town. We stopped at an antique store and it felt good. You know how sometimes you feel like something's out there? So we stopped at another place and it was hot as Hades and full of frou-frou. That made us over it, but Sven wanted one more. I knew just the place: Cache.

One booth after another made us weak. We saw a turntable that Swanky and I had passed up at a thrift store for $40 that was on sale for $389, normally $550. Yikes!

Then, yeah! Sven found just the lamp he was looking for! And we were looking at this nice young guy's booth and Sven calls me over. "Are you ready?" As he stands holding a large object up. "Yea." He moves it away and there is the August Holland! Whoopie! Years of searching comes to an end, and Sven Kirsten himself finds it for me!

The Tiki Mojo was working that day. Then we got on a high and bought all kinds of stuff we didn't really need...

It's all true! And what do we learn from this now, kids?

If you REALLY want a rare Tiki item bad, invite me to your town, and I will CHANNEL the elusive artifact.
...on second thought, I can see myself being crucified by an angry mob for not having found (after five Sushi dinners) the Ren Clark Headhunter mug!

[ Edited by: bigbrotiki on 2002-07-26 18:51 ]

Ahhh... yes. The elusive "Pearl of Wisdom" piece. I have been scouring eBay, thrift stores, and other places of ill repute for that painting. You are indeed lucky. Let me know if you ever find a second. At the rate I'm going, you'll find another one before I find my first!


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