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personalized tiki mugs

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Does anyone know where I can order 100 or so tiki mugs with a personalized message printed on the back. It's for a party I am planning for next summer.

Now to build a proper tiki bar. I am counting on devine inspiration.


Here's your man. Tiki Central's Saint-Thomas. Other bidders out there?http://mywebpages.comcast.net/bwomack/index.html
[email protected]

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Kanaka posted on Fri, Nov 7, 2003 7:36 PM

Holden at http://www.tikifarm.com will do it also. I don't know what his minimum run is though.


Yep. No order too small, or large. Hand made look and style, custom made to your specifications.


On 2003-11-07 19:36, Scotty wrote:
Holden at http://www.tikifarm.com will do it also. I don't know what his minimum run is though.


The new Hot Wheel plug is pretty cool.

Nice stuff Saint, but out of my league/budget. I should have said personalized (with a decal or some other transfer method) on a mass produced type mug.

I will have to take a closer look at Tiki Farm.

Hey, who does those mugs you find at souvineer shops in places like Florida and South Carolina?

Uh...Chiki Tiki (Copyright by a company called agiftcorp).

Another is marked "Japan", so your guess is as good as mine. However, vendors that sell these mugs may have a distributor link that they could offer.

Good luck.

yeh, my then-girlfriend (now wife) got me a relatively decent greenish tiki mug at Ocean City, Maryland with a black decal of sorts on the base. It appears a relatively cost-effective approach altho' the decal might wash off with frequent use... I'll look tonite to see if any markings... J$


You might want to check out Louie B Ceramics in Hawaii. I've ordered a couple things from him, but nothing with imprinting.


Prices are reasonable, but shipping is a little high, but still not too bad.

Good luck, hope this works for you!

St. Thomas did 2 special Hukilau designs for 2002 and they were both amazing works! This guy is totally dedicated to his craft.

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