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Authentic TIKI FURNITURE - Witco Decor, Inc.

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I have two, what I would call King and Queen matching chairs. Each stand about 6 feet. Each are in Red long haired material. One chair has the original Witco Decor, Inc. Mt Vernon Washington dealer tag.

I have limited information and would like more. If you could give me any information year, pricing, history etc. it would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to Tiki Central.

Even though this is "Tiki Central", we unfortunately, do not have any internal pricing guide on Witco pieces. There are hundreds and hundreds of various pieces that were made, with some, not being mass produced since some were what people will call "pre-production" or "sample" pieces to see if it would be accepted by retail furniture stores and/or the general public.

Post some pictures, and keep checking back for added information and comments by both active members and lurkers. Information on Witco seems to be like practicing medicine....there's always something new being discovered and all previous information doesn't always mean its finite and written in stone. There's always new information to be found!

I, as well as a few other TC'ers, would probably interested in purchasing them, if you are looking to sell them. If you can't figure out how to post the pictures of your pieces here on TC, then feel free to email me and I will be happy to post them for you ([email protected]).

Previous items that were for retail sale by Witco named "King & Queen", were chess-like wall decor pieces. Each resembled a King & Queen chess piece. They came with various background fabrics on them and various shades of wood. They have been found in flea markets and thrift stores for as low as $7 each all the way to ebay for as much as $85+ for the pair. Big variance there, huh?

Sorry for the rambling. Hope the little info provided helps, and again, Welcome!



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