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Pin Up vol 8 by Berthet & Yann

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Here is the proof that Tiki finally reached the shores of the old continent! Last year the 8 volume of the French PIN UP series from Berthet & Yann came out at Dargaud:

The story that started in 1994 is about Poison Ivy (an alter ego of Bettie Page) who lives through post WW2 America. The story contains lots of real figures and takes place all over the US. In this volume Las Vegas and Hugh Hefner are in the main focus. It is about murders, politics, love, gambling, and of course pin ups. The best scene takes place in a tiki restaurant called HALE TIKI and spreads over two pages. A great homage to Tiki culture with wonderful details of the very authentic interior. Too bad it only appears once throughout the whole story.

Here are the relevant pages. The to post it I had to reduce the size, so there is not a lot of detail. If someone absolutely wants these scans, I can always mail them.




[ Edited by: traderval on 2003-11-09 09:31 ]

Very cool...yet proves that not only Americans can rip off French films, but the French know their sources, too:

The artifacts, in order of their appearance:

Hale Tiki, hmmm, sounds familiar...
Book of Tiki, page 54

Next the Tikis, left to right:
BOT, p.205
BOT, p.112
BOT, p.186
BOT, p.6
BOT, p.186 (again)
BOT, p 184 (twice)

But why did they not use BOT Tiki mugs?
Cause one could not have seen the dice in it...

I had heard that a while back some bookstore in Paris had pronounced the BOT their book of the month and had decorated a window with it, to some effect, obviously.

Did the book get a credit in the comic?


All theft from BOT nonwithstanding, this is a pretty good series.
I realy like the style of the art.
But the titular dame around whom the story revolves is a completely unlikable character.

Anyway, I have volumes 1 to 3 in English, and 4 and 5 in French, which I can't really read.

Anyone know if 4 to 8 are in English yet?

Cool lookin' stuff. They mighta stole it, but at least they did a good job of stealin' it.

[ Edited by: Traitor Vic on 2003-11-10 08:06 ]

I am totally fine with people using stuff from the Book of Tiki, it supports the spread of Tiki culture in the world. It just would be nice if they would credit the book, so people who like what they see can get more of it.


On 2003-11-09 09:28, Traderval wrote:
The story that started in 1994 is about Poison Ivy (an alter ego of Bettie Page)

Real original. Haven't they heard of The Cramps?

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