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Mai Tiki's 30th anniversary bash

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Trader Trick here.....
Picture this if you can....

You’re outside, 3 blocks from the ocean in Cocoa Beach, Florida on a Saturday night. The weather is perfect.

But wait, it gets better.

There’s a lunar eclipse going on right overhead with the sound of the ocean in the background.

But wait, it gets better.

You’re at the epicenter of tiki carving: the Mai Tiki studios for Wayne & Bekki Coombs’ 30th anniversary party.

But wait, it gets better.

In addition to feeling like you’ve made the pilgrimage to that sacred place where Florida tikis are born; in addition to the visual overload of tikis and tiki-related art, there’s a tiki-festooned stage out back and the Delusionaires are playing (under the aforementioned lunar eclipse with the ocean in the background).

But wait, it gets better...

There is a fantastic barbecue spread (fish & meat) with all the trimmings plus a bar where the alcohol flows like tap water (you know you’ve arrived when Budweiser is a sponsor for your soiree).

But wait, it gets better....

You’re surrounded by hep, kitchy, artistic, fun and just plain nice people who are having a ball!

Sometimes it just doesn’t get any better, ya know?

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Happy 30th Mr. & Mrs. Mai Tiki!

Very cool.

My humble hat is off to you, Sir Wayne. Congragulations! Sounded like a fun party.

Same here WC. One day, one day.


I've forwarded images to KG to post since I'm not savvy enough with the cyber particulars, so hopefully they'll be up soon.
Thanks Wayno and Bekki for throwing a sensational party. Here's to continued success for another 30 years. Where would we east coast tikiphiles be without you and your prolific studio!!!! p.s I love my newest addition to the collection.

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And to save Wayne the trouble of moving all that shit around, Hukilau 2004 will be held at his place... ; )

The Swank Pad Broadcast - If it's Swank...

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The party was a blast. It was good to put some faces with the names of people on TC. The weather was perfect with a hint of salty air. The Delusionaires added the perfect touch to a perfect night. Oh yeah and there was the rum punch waterfall !

Congrates Mai Tiki

Joe V. posted on Sun, Nov 9, 2003 5:28 PM

Hey all......

Tristan has it about right. Thanks for the bitchin' party Wayn-O and Beki.

Here's to 30 more years of showin' us little punks how it's done!

-Joe Vitale

Welcome Joe V.
It was nice meeting you and talking to the both of you at the party last night.

Oh hell, I haven't posted the pics yet. The party was a great time but please be patient, I'll put them up later today. I been busy, busy in the non-tiki world the last two days and it hasn't let up yet....
Thanks for sending them Bree.

This party was mostly about celebrating Wayne and Beki's 30 years in the tiki carving business with their friends, customers and people they work with. It was really nice of them to invite a couple of us tiki freaks, but it wasn't really a Tiki Central thing.
I couldn't open all of Bree's pics, but here goes...

Bree, Beki & Wayne

Megan & Flounder

Flounder, Bree & KG

Bree & Aaron

Bree & Tristan

We all had a really nice time and the setup was as described by Tristan. A beautiful evening under the moon and stars, by the ocean, surrounded by Wayne's tiki art, a few of Flounder's paintings, great music, food, rum cocktails and mellow people feeling good about life.
Have to mention that Flounder and Megan are the coolest. We enjoyed spending some time with them and are looking forward to gathering with more Florida tiki kanes and wahines very soon.

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Megan & Flounder

i dig Flounder's "Tiki Zombie" look...

Thanks Geoff for posting the pics, and for the compliment, we think the same of you and the wahine. What a great night. Hopefully this kind of gathering will start to happen more often throughout Florida and the east coast.. I can't wait for the Hawaiian Inn in January.

Johnny Dollar, you should have seen me a few hours later, thats when the real zombie came out.

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