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Shecky #33's Trip to Paradise

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My little green fellow managed to climb into my carry-on bag for our recent trip to Belize and Guatamala this summer. As you can see, this boy knows how to both party and relax with vigor.

I had a hell of a time keeping up with him, always wanting to go somewhere, do something,and as expected, drink, drink, drink. You would think he had a hollow leg or something!

While he garnered many of strange looks from the other tourists through the trip, he behaved himself and did us all proud as an International Tiki Ambassador. Answering the eternal question that we are all asked over and over "What's Tiki?", to his extensive family tree, "My supreme creator ia a cute little blond from Toronto" & " I'm the 33rd of 150 children".

Hope checking out these few pictures of our summer trip during your damp and snowy weather gives you all something to cling on to as we all settle in, waiting for springtime.

Trustar & Shecky #33

Tikifish must be so proud of lil' Sheck!


I am weeping with pleasure!!! Or perhaps I am just weeping with pain cause the hair dye on my head is stinging me... I may be cute and little, but I am blonde no more!


TF wrote:
"I may be cute and little, but I am blonde no more!"

Red?, Brunette? Blue?, Purple? We need pictures.


Knowing our 'lilfish, it could be all four colors at once.



On 2003-11-09 19:19, trustar wrote:
Knowing our 'lilfish, it could be all four colors at once.

Friki Fish!!


Hey Trustar!

Awesome pix!!!

Looks like Shecky and the rest of your ohana had an amazing time. Mahalo for sharing and reminding us that we gotta make room for Shecky on our travels too.



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I have to commend trustar on taking Shecky on holiday. I never took him to Cannes, and now I regret it. He could have gone to Paris too. However I was worried about him getting lost, damaged, etc. in the drunken melee that is the Cannes adveritisng festival. Plus all those ad jerks just wouldn't understand... either that, or the next thing you know, you see a mascot for Wal-Mart calld Shen-gy that looks like a cross between a gingerbread man and a tiki... and it's green... and has a funny voice...
PS. the hair is dark brown. I've already had black, red, white, purple, blue, etc... time to do something radical like brown, haha!

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