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Please, people?

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On the advice of one of the moderators, I'm giving this another shot here.

If anyone has any interest in attending the event described in this thread
would you please post and let me know?

I've gotten comments along the lines of "people want something other than tiki when they go to N.O.". So does that mean those of us who live here shouldn't even bother? We used to have out fair share of tiki establishments here, are we not allowed to ever again? I went to Chicago specifically for Exotica, though I know there are lots more things there than tiki. It sort of sounds like saying "I wouldn't attend an OC crawl because if I went there, it would be to go to Disneyland". Can't you do both? Must N.O. be held in separate regard?

I know a lot of people on this board like to visit N.O., I've read the posts. Why wouldn't you want to be here with other TCers?

That being said, IF anyone IS interested, would you rather, in addition to the main event:
a) Tiki or Beyond Tiki related planned activities
b) Non Tiki, typical N.O. planned activities
c) No planned additional activities, rather do own thing.

Are there any vendors or performers who would be interested in participating?

I really need some constructive input, if I am to secure arrangements for a group hotel rate in time.

And I guess if you think this is a stupid idea and want to tell me to piss off, I need to know that too.

Thank you for reading.

I'll bite like a big Bayou catfish. I'd bet I could bring 6 or 7 people. Just visiting New Orleans is an experience to the uninitiated...with Tiki and a top-knotch hostess it's ten times better. Win-win.

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-11-09 21:01 ]

sounds like a helluva good thing.I've never been to N.O. but ive heard some really good things about the place, and you throw tiki into it well given enough time to plan I'd be in.

I think it sounds kinda fun! We need to get down to N.O. anyhow and I think a Tiki Gathering would be a fine way to spend part of a N.O. Trip. Let us know when, Jade.

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Jade sounds great, I'm all for it. Love that town. However commiting to this event now is problematic. I am interested though. I think it's a good idea.

Thanks guys!

Tiki410 and I were discussing the other day how NO has gotten such a rep for debauchery, people might not think it's cool for kids.

If you want to bring the kids, there's the Aquarium within walking distance of the place the event will be (which also allows kids in, they just can't order liquor!), which features an enormous and quite stunning Wyland mural on the parking lot wall (no groans, please, this thing is awesome) and an IMAX theatre. There's also the river streetcar to Audubon Zoo, the Children's Museum downtown, a paddleboat ride down the river, and a while bit of a jaunt, a Six Flags park in N.O. east. There are also several children's theatres, one in Rivertown (Kenner) present home of the A-Frame facade of the Bali Hai at the Beach. For military buffs or veterans, the D-Day museum is close by, or another bit of a jaunt to the Chalmette Battlefield. The New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park also has a decent Oceanic arts exhibit on the third floor.
And of course, you can eat yourself stupid here.

Does the aquarium still have the albino alligators?

JTD posted on Mon, Nov 10, 2003 11:03 AM

Yes, two please.



Sounds good, and a good time to have it. I think it's wise to avoid the hottest months and the jazzfest. I don't like N.O. as much when there are huge crowds everywhere. I can't commit to going yet because I have curtailed traveling until I can get this credit card debt payed off. But I have been considering going to Florida this Winter and I could easily stop in N.O. for a while on the way there.


My wife and I would be interested in going. So many good restaurants and so little time.


I'm always up for a road trip to New Orleans & wouldn't want to miss this. If work projects don't conflict, "El Viejo" & I will make every effort to be there. No definite dates set yet?

Hey PJ - you know that I'm in. As long as it falls during my annual visit to New Orleans in the Spring!

back to the subject of burlesque for a quick moment...tease o-rama perceptions aside.... Do not discount the willingness of the former Shim Shamettes to Hula, or to draw a crowd.
Also, as you know,I think the event is a must have here,we be a wee Tikistarved.Oh and there's the ZOO cruise from the aquarium to the zoo and back.Plus, many trendy stores now carry new tikibilia..Big Life Toys on Magazine street has an excellent array...and there's a Tiki wantabe bar called Aunt Tiki's on Decatur Street in the French Quarter that reallllly needs some encouragement to follow through on the idea of BEING a Tiki Bar,and just happens to have my mural on the wall, (illogically HUNG perhaps), but UP there.
OH and lest I forget,as a side note...I found out that the Hukilau mugs from Metairie came form the Hukilau restaurant, and bar, that was apparently THE place to take your PROM date in the sixites!! A guy at my sale bought one of my mugs because it made him nostalgic for da girl! So there's no telling WHO might want to come to this party. Go for it.

[ Edited by: gypsytiki on 2003-11-23 15:34 ]

Actually it was the Bali Hai at the Beach that was the ultimate pre-prom destination.

The event project has been sidelined for the present because of financial stumbling blocks. If anything changes I will be sure to let everyone interested know. Thanks to all who offered advice, support, participation, etc.

P.S. Your mural was really the only thing tiki I saw at Aunt Tiki's. Those masks are Balinese crap from Cost Plus. I think it still wants to be a goth/club kid bar. But maybe I got that idea because of the blue-haired (male) bartender in the fishnet stockings and green vinyl kilt. Mercy...

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