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The Aloha Room, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (bar)

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Name:The Aloha Room
Street:323 Bank Street
City:Ottawa, Ontario

While I myself haven't actually been here, my wahine has. She tells me that it did have a few tikis (though they look to be of the plastic party favour variety to me), and she took some photographs of the main feature wall and bar:

The Bar

The Wall

Overall, she described it as a sort of dive bar with a quasi polynesian theme. So The Aloha Room is more of a rock/hipsters dive bar, not quite a tiki destination. It might, however, be better than nothing if you find yourself in my nation's capital.

The Aloha Room's website

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Who knew Che Guevara was a tiki-hipster? Them guerillas make a mean Mai Tai.

(*Note pic of Che in top left corner.)


I called them a few years ago and asked if they had any tiki, and they had no clue what I meant so I concluded it wasn't worth the 5 hour drive to our nation's capital. Looks like I was right!

But the Diefenbunker... now THAT'S worth going to Ottawa for!

I belong to a political satire magazine discussion board. Last year I went to Ottawa to drink with some of my friends there. We wound up at the Aloha room and I returned the following day to kill time before my train left. What I found interesting was that the Mai Tais, mixed by two different bartenders, were completely different colours from one day to the next.

No, it's not tiki but as was pointed out, it is kinda fun in a hipster sort of way. If you do go, insist on having your drinks in the tiki mugs -- they had about 5/6 of them behind the bar and would put your drink in htem on equest.

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