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broken tiki ceramics

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I am embarking on a craft project tiling a mosaic on my tiki bar room floor. I was wondering if anyone has a smashed tiki cup that they would like to donate to be immortalized in my mosaic. Thanks.

Aloha Tikiangi and Welcome to the tribe. I have quite a bit of broken tiki mugs but I love 'em too much to part with them since they each have a great "story" to their tragic ends.

Check out this thread:

Greetings tikiangi,
I can donate a broken mug (it's nothing fancy)...and I'm in Portland!
I also have a box or two of old kitchen/bathroom tiles that could be hammered for a mosaic project. Sounds like a great project. let me know.

I've got one I can donate.
Lemme know where to send it.
I'm just up in Seattle, so maybe I can visit
the tiki mosaic when yer done!
(along with the Alibi, which I still HAVE NOT been to.) I know, LAME~!

That would be wonderful. As soon as I have pictures of the finished project, I'll send pictures.

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