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Careful... the tiki bites!

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So tonight I'm carving away on this guy and jamming to The Mermen... start chiseling away on the nose and zzzzziing! Chisel slips and thumb happens to be in its path...

Luckily I had just sharpened this chisel barely 5 minutes from opening up my hand... good clean cut... nothing huge, but stings nontheless...

Careful out there!

[ Edited by: Lake Surfer on 2003-11-14 23:56 ]


Bactine, please!

You take care, keep it dry, and keep on carvin'!



'Only a scratch, meer flesh wound!' :wink:

This guy wanted your blood. Makes for strong mana! It was not unusual to have a little sacrifice at the birth of a Tiki back in the ol' days.
When I christened Leroy's "Big Daddy Olu" in my front yard http://www.bookoftiki.com/010.html years ago, I poored some flaming 151 Rum between his lips, and for a moment a little blue flame danced out of his mouth and then snuffed itself out, as if he had inhaled it. Goose bumps.

[ Edited by: bigbrotiki on 2003-11-15 23:52 ]

Add a battle star to your Purple Tiki.

Healing nicely now... bandage off... thank you General Basement Kahuna for the commendation... progress on this mixed plate of styles tiki...

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