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My fiancee and I are daydreaming about grabbing an old bowling alley and turning it into the TIKI BOWL. A Bar/Lounge & Bowling establishment. We're looking for comments, advise, moral & eventually financial support.

So...got any ideas? Will it work, will it support itself, would you work there? Do you know anything about bowling alleys?
All comments are welcome!



As a registered Ohioan and owner of several bowling shirts, a decent average and a company that sponsors a bowling team. (The Ceiling Rats)...yes - it will work.

Anything works with the right advertising and bowling is something that is purported to be returning to popularity as video game freaks are now raising children that scoff at their parents' digital ways.

I have a couple of genius kids working for me that mastered all forms of computer gaming and are conquering presences there... but... whisper the word "bowling" to them and they'll bolt for the alley like young Earl Anthonys.

A horrible thing in Tampa called "Channelside" asked our company to help them create their overall plan - which we did. They ignored us and are now empty generally.

At first, my guys, 7 of us, walked into Stumps Supper Club with our bowling shirts on and everyone there looked at us oddly... now - 3 years later - Stumps is building a retro bowl alley across from their "tacky-chic" restaurant-bar in order to try and create what's hip.

They now know what we knew then: fun is fun. Retro is fun. ( We live in the capital of the "rave" scene and the "goth" scene and those people are just NOT having fun.)

A well run Tiki-themed Bowling alley, in a place that's accessable, will work... and if you have good food, a liquor license and a GrogLog it will work even better.

Make sure you get some design input from the artists here. They're the best in the world.

I'll bring my team down there and we'll kick your ass, by the way.

Mai Tais paid for by the losers... ehhhh?

On 2003-11-14 22:44, goto636 wrote:
Will it work, will it support itself, would you work there? Do you know anything about bowling alleys?

I'll work there but it's a hell of a commute. Here's the shirt I'll wear:


I'm bowlng in a league this year for the first time in my life. It's in an alley that hasn't changed since the 1950's -- no glo-bowl, no computer scoring. Our team name is the Five-0's (because there are five of us, or maybe because it's 5-pin). TC member Tiki A. Moaikingbird has designed a team logo (maybe one day he'll post it), and we're looking into having shirts made.

GoTo636- I think it's a great idea! We have a local alley here that ran into some troubles (maybe liquor license?) and I tried to talk my wife into it. But, unfortunately, she reminded me that my bowling knowledge is limited to the few times I ever went...which I could count on two hands. (Hey, I'd go more often if it had a Tiki theme!)

The lanes near us sold for a song! We live in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio (which has an abundance of bowling alleys), and if you can get the property for a good price then it would absolutely be worth it!

Certainly there are more TC members out here who have a profound bowling knowledge and better advice!

Good luck and let us know what happens.


The Surf Bowl in Oceanside is Hoppin'. They have Fri and Sat late night lazer bowling. They sell clear bowling balls in the pro shop, there's one with a rose inside I want to put a tiki mug inside mine. Hey. has anyone ever bowled Candlestick or Duckpin? The pins are different and the balls are smaller and don't have holes.

The Hoity's did a bowling gig a while back, and we all had a ducky time...

The idea of a tiki-themed bowling alley seems very clever and attractive to me.

For those that didn't know about our tiki bowling outing:

Kona Lanes Blast 11/16/02...Yes, 1-year ago exactly!

Did we have fun or what!?

Catch-up reading for newer members:
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In the 50's and 60's, the Kapu Kai, in Rancho Cucamunga,CA was a swingin place. Dining, dancing and bowling, just like your dreamin about Goto.

Apparently it does take take balls to go bowling.

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