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I'm baaaaack...

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Greetings tiki peeps-
Just wanted to say hello,
I'm finally back from nearly 6 months of exile in the mountains & am now located in Santa Rosa for the time being.
I missed you. (sniff)


I was talking to a group of Hoity Toitys recently and your name came up. We were wondering where you were. Welcome back!


Playing Grizzly Adams, were you?
Grizzly Adams with an Eames Chair, that is.

Thanks Al!
Jane- I think I missed you most of all!
The hunting was bad up thatta way, but I've been back for about 2 weeks & already scored 2 sofas, 1 chair & one of those tacky spun plastic palm tree lamps that you 'love' so much.
Goood times!

Awww! That's sweet!
That being said, I hate you for your modern furniture finding luck. Bastard!!!

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