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Attn: GA/Southeast Tiki types- esp. BK- what's the story....

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with the "Tiki Isle Lounge"

Highway 247
Bonaire, GA

Just found a pretty cool little Zippo from the place. With the fantastic quote:

"If you're going to drive them to drink, drive 'em to The Tiki Isle Lounge"

Any info?

[ Edited by: martiki6 on 2003-11-17 17:53 ]


I've never heard of it. Bonaire is in middle Georgia between Perry and Warner Robbins. I know some fellow state employees at one of our facilities near there, I'll e-mail them tomorrow to see if it's still operating. Might be worth a road trip!!!


[ Edited by: Scotty on 2003-11-17 19:00 ]

Damn! I hadn't the slightest...butI'm jealous you found it before me. I'd love to see if it's there, too.

Nope, gone...just called information. Well, that sucks.


Just confirmed with sources in Warner Robbins, Tiki Isle has been closed for at least 10 years, probably more. No remnants of it's existance are left in Bonaire. Bonaire would have been a strange and remote place for a tiki bar. It would have been a trip to see what it actually looked like. Martiki6, wouldn't you rather return your Georgia tiki treasure to it's home state in the care of a native Tiki Centralite? :) :) :)

Post a picture when you get a chance, I'd love to see it.


[ Edited by: Scotty on 2003-11-18 07:01 ]


Well, there's not much to it. (It also doesn't scan & I don't have a digital camera) It's a classic silver Zippo, with the words etched on the front in a plain font. The lid has a small hula girl etched in it which is cool. There is actually another one still in the display case at the antique store where I found this one- just saw it last week. Unfortunately it's in Bakersfield, which is a SERIOUS drive and I won't be travelling back for another month or so. If Biotron is still reading TC, he's in Bakersfield and might be able to pick it up. I'll check on it again the next time I'm down there. Keep hunting for clues!


Well Martiki6, if you do happen to get back there some day soon and the lighter is still there I'm interested. E-mail me or post back here with positive news!




Slightly off topic, but I see you're in Atlanta...any Tiki elsewhere in GA (other than Trader Vic's)?

I'm in Savannah, and never really knew about Tiki Much--I grew up in the NE (Massachusetts) and if two weeks went by and we didn't go to one of the local Chinese/Polynesian restaurants when I was growing up, it was a bad couple of weeks. I still stand by my assertion that NO PLACE has Chinese like Boston/Eastern Mass.

Anyway, I was always amazed and enamoured with the exotic food, and decor--and sometimes music. Places like the Aloha, Lake Palace, Ming Gardens, Cathay Hanover--the list goes on and on. And the drink descriptions always sounded so wonderful...too bad they were mostly all gone by the time I could order a drink...=(

Anyway, I digress. I love reading on here, and would love to know if there's any Tiki within a reasonable distance.


Savannah, GA



To my knowledge Trader Vic's is it for Georgia. Bamboo Luau on Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta is a Chinese restaurant with a great Polynesian drink menu and open till 3AM every night. Drinks are hit or miss though. Brad is opening Hale Tiki in Augusta soon. Tiki Road Trip also lists some other southeast destinations. If you're ever in Atlanta shoot me an e-mail and I'll meet you at Trader Vics for drinks!


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