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The last time I stayed there was before the new ownership and renovation- the rooms had become pretty un-stayable. Bathrooms were dirty, overall pretty nasty.

I'm thinking of visiting Palm Springs soon- how are the rooms now? Are they truly clean and renovated or are they "kitschy-hotel clean"

I want to stay in a swank place this time, so there's alot of other choices...

Based upon my last stay at the Caliente Tropics, I'd recommend the place to anyone. My room was squeaky clean (just like the funky little gnome guy on a piece of tile on bathroom wall... a little help here please!). But make sure you don't lose anyting... I think if you misplace a trashcan liner, it'll set you back something like $1,200.47!?! I did misplace a trashcan divider (btw - what in the hell is a trashcan divider?!) but Casey was gracious enough not to charge me the crazy fee!

Never saw it before the face lift, but my wife and myself were very happy with what it is now. Very clean, on the road to swank. The room shopping list should only come into play if you are clepto or you party to hard in your room (Holden) The new towels were my favorite. On the west side the bath got a little warm in the afternoon so I would go eastside, but it is the place to stay in the "Springs" for us. And if you don't like it Tom Bowdet is right next door, and he will leave the light on for ya.
Have fun!

My wife and I stayed at the Caliente Tropics last November (on our honeymoon). It was after the facelift (or at least most of it).
The rooms wre clean and nice, although expensive. You wouldn't find anything really "Tiki" in them, though.The staff was extermely friendly and let us take all the pictures we wanted. Don't be expecting too much for breakfast.
when we were there the bar was being rennovated (is it open now?).
The adjacent mexican restaurant is very good, but we would have prefered something more Tiki (The restaurant is under different ownership and they have a lease for a couple more years, i think).

Have fun



If anyone is planning on staying at the Calinte tropics before the temperature drops (mayge October?) they are having a summer special called "back to the sixties' where most rooms are $66 dollars or so. I am pretty sure this is an internet special only. Sorry I only have vague info.


ah cool- good news. I was hoping to hear it was clean- it was a real hole last time :wink:

the place IS great though- glad to hear it got saved

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