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La Konakai, Livermore, CA (???)

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Anyone ever heard of this place?

Apparently it was the restaurant inside Livermore Bowl.

1620 Railroad Ave.
Livermore, CA
Ph: HIlltop 7-4343

I have a menu- nothing tiki about it, just some palm trees on the cover and no drinks mentioned. May predate tiki, or simply just be loosely "island" style.

Get to work, people!


At that address currently is Granada bowl. According to their website it was established in 1964 and now includes Angie's Sports Bar - ugh!

Someone should go check out the Granada Bowl. Down here, the Mar Vista Lanes still has a tiki pillar out front, even though the Makai bar inside was converted to a standard sports bar long ago.


"Sports bar"

This is sounding like the other thread, "the two words ya dread most"...

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