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I just want to say one word to you - just one word...Plastics

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Has anyone ever investigated the possibilities of creating molds based on vintage Volcano or Scorpion bowl designs for use in manufacturing plastic bowls?

I would think that these bowls could be used in bars, kiosks, etc. where the cost of ceramics would be considered prohibitive.

In short, anyone know a plastic manufacturer willing to take on such a project?

Plastic injection molds cost thousands of clams. Ceramic molds (plaster) cost like 2 clams. You might make out in the long run if you make a couple of billion plastic shells. Are there a couple of billion people who are going to purchase them?


I'm a toy designer by trade and we play with plastics everyday. I'll talk it over with the guys, but it should be easy to do. The problem is the volume to keep the cost low.

Check out your local party supply... the larger ones usually carry plastic clam shell bowls


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