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Mugs in my aquarium?

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I have an aquarium in my office/tiki room at home. I wanted to put some tiki decorations in the tank but have had trouble finding anything. I did find an easter island type decoration but I was hoping for something more... agressive?

Has anyone sunk mugs into their aquarium? I have a couple Orchids of Hawaii mugs I'd like to drop in, but don't know if they'll affect the fish in any adverse way.


Tiki Flange


I have a set of Moai salt and pepper shakers in my freshwater tank, they have been in there for a few months now with no problems. I would think as long as the whole mug is glazed the mug & fish should be safe.

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laney posted on Wed, Nov 19, 2003 9:48 AM

I have had repro mugs in my tank through fresh water tropical fish (they'll hide in them) to my larger koi tanks. They have never been a problem. The only thing I suggest is fill them with rocks when you sink them, even if they are on their side. Dirt will settle in them and it will keep the fish from hiding too much. They also make a safe cave for cray fish, who will clean some of the settled dirt, etc.

Just make sure you clean the mugs well and rinse them really well before you put them in the tank. Post some photos when you get the tank set up.
You could also place a tiki-related backdrop behind the tank.

I've had a Harvey's bucket (glazed on the inside only) in my 60-gallon tank for almost two years with no adverse effects. My oscar likes to shove it around.

I wouldn't do this with any mugs I really care about.


While we're on the topic of aquariums...anyone know how to get rid of algae? I've been using a product called "Algone" but it doesnt seem to be working. Anyone have any sure-fire ways to get rid of algae? Thanks.


I don't know if they have one for your aquarium or not. a-a-ACHOO! http://www.reemco.com/lawn_and_garden/plecostoma.html

Algae problems? What kind of fish? Fresh or salt? How much are you feeding them? What is your tank water source?

Algae is a plant that feeds off of nutrients like phosphates in your water or uneaten food settled on the bottom or even a lot of light in the tank. Is your tank in direct sunlight? If you have a hood light how long do you leave it on? Longer exposure to light will grow algae in water... reduce the time light shines on the water. Large algae blooms come from an unbalance in your aquarium environment... mainly the water. What kind of filter are you using on the tank. As soon as I have a great increase of algae I check or change the filter cartridges... charcoal filters help clarify the water...

I've never really believed much in the liquid algae removers... there are also freshwater fish that eat algae... like plecos, but they sometimes have problems keeping up with tank algae and prefer leaf lettuce anyhow...

The surefire way to keep algae in check is frequent water changes and a good filter. Make sure your water has low phosphates and if you're using tap make sure you dechlorinate... I have been using refillable water from the grocery store for the last 6 years for my reef... it has been run through reverse osmosis... distilled water is good too... watch spring water, I have had problems with phosphates in it sometimes...

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On 2003-11-19 09:33, Tiki Flange wrote:

Has anyone sunk mugs into their aquarium? I have a couple Orchids of Hawaii mugs I'd like to drop in, but don't know if they'll affect the fish in any adverse way.

Only if you fill them with rum first! :lol:

On 2003-11-20 20:40, sinner wrote:
While we're on the topic of aquariums...anyone know how to get rid of algae?

I second everything Lake Surfer said above -- use your lights as sparingly as possible, and keep your tank away from windows. The fish don't care if it's dark.

You can also try putting a dark blanket over the tank for a few days to completely deprive the algae of light.

I tried using mugs in my tanks for awhile but the umbrellas wouldnt last, and the cherry and pineapple garnish would keep float'n to the top.(hic) :drink:

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What about wood sculptures in the tank?
I would think that it would be fine since wood is naturally in water anyhow.
I scored a nice tank, probably around 40 gallon. Its more of an upright tank and would love to put about a twelve inch tiki right in the middle. I think it would be cool seeing all the fish swimming around it, kinda like the sunken Jesus sculpture in the Florida Keys.
Heres a pic of the tankon this thread.

a coco joe's might be safer since it's resin and ~nonporous... random 2 cents...

Be careful of what woods you put into an aquarium... you never know what they will leach out into the water. Yes, wood is found in water in lakes and what not, but your aquarium is a closed environment and little things can upset the fine balance of it. You should check with a knowledgeable aquarium store on what you're going to put in... you could possible screw up the ph balance of the water which means death to fish...


I had some drift wood in my past tank. I had a broblem getting it to sink since it is porous and bouyant. I had to lodge it under shells. Good luck


Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to do a partial water change this weekend, then completely cut off the light for a few days.

P.S. The tank is a fifteen gallon freshwater using a biowheel.


Have a bunch of tiki mugs in my 100 gallon for over 3 years, no problems. The fish love to hide in them.

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