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Rapa Nui visit

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After some help here folks. I am planning on a trip next year to visit the USA, the Islands and Oz. I am also planning to spend some time in Rapa Nui. Can anyone recommend any particular places to stay on Rapa Nui, And without getting Moai-ed out, if you ever can, how long would you recommend staying there?



Holy Cow that is quite a trip!
James T. has been to Easter Island - I don't know if his travelogue is still linked off the tiki bar review pages but it may be...

Thanks Tikifish, I'll see if I can find James' travelogue. I've decided to take some time off working and thought MUST go to Hawaii and Easter Island. So just sorting out some details now.

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Yes indeed my Rapa Nui adventure is still on line.

Just go to http://www.tydirium.net and click the appropriate link.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have after reading it.

If air schedules haven't changed, you'll either be there for 3.5 days or a week. Depending how seriously into exploring the finer details of the island's arcchaeology you are, a week should be fine, if you just want to take two day trips around the island, see the major Moai and Ahu, then the shorter stay will do you fine.

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