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I like to say Aloha to everyone !
My name is Chris, I'am a 22 years old tiki collector from good old germany.

I start collecting everything around tiki 2 years ago after I get "the book of Tiki" in my hands.

more about me soon.

Aloha from one Diablo to another.

Welcome aboard!


Welcome aboard from abroad!

Aloha Chris

Have you heard that there is going to be new Tiki Bar in West Berlin. Are you anywhere near West Berlin? They just signed the contracts, so it will probably be awhile before they open. They commissioned a couple of paintings for the bar that I'm working on right now.

Hope you enjoy TC.

Guten Tag Herr Devil. Willkommen an Tiki Central.

Welcome smokin devil!

Wir haben Tiki-gem├╝tlichkeit :)

Aloha Tiki Deutschland !!
and welcome.

sorry but I haven't heard about a new tiki bar in West Berlin, but I don't life in berlin so it could be.
I keep my ears open and will post something , if I hear something about.

P.S.: nice, that some people here in this forum speak some german words !!

[ Edited by: smokin devil on 2003-11-21 06:10 ]

Don't turn around, oh oh oh,
Der Tikibar's in town oh oh oh...

sorry, couldn't resist ~J$

(falco r.i.p.)

Aloha Smokin' Devil and Welcome to the Tribe. Coincidentally, our very own Sven Kirsten (bigbrotiki here in TC) author of The Book of Tiki is in Germany right now!

Smokin devil, I'm working for the guy who's buiding the bar so I'll ask him for some details and I'll post them here.

@ Flounderart....thats will be great !!

@ PolynesianPop Do u know where Sven Kirsten is ???

[ Edited by: smokin devil on 2003-11-24 15:26 ]

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