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Saturday evening Frenchy, Maggie and I were pleased to host Greyhound (on her way to Vegas! Hope she had a great time!) and her pal here in Portland - they visited Alibi and hung out at our Castaway Cove and a good time was had by all.

This brings me to a point (so few things actually do, so enjoy this while you can) that I've been meaning to make on the list: If you're going to visit a town, do check to see if there are any Tiki Centralites living there. If you live somewhere that's on the itinerary of a list member, do invite them for drinks at your favorite local watering hole. Don't be bashful about this - it should be considered a standard point of TC ettiquette to alert folks when you're in a new town and invite out of towners out on the town. I've been fortunate enough to have met some mighty fine folks from this list, many of whom were just passing through Portland when I managed to tackle 'em from behind and pour a mai-tai down their throats. The Kailuageoffs, Greyhound, Sven, Woofmutt and others are now friends with faces to me, rather than just glyphs on my screen. Hell, if it hadn't been for TC I wouldn't have met Mig, and then I wouldn't have met Cathey (who lives just a conch-bellow away from me) and then I wouldn't have a Czarina of Propaganda!

Do these things and you will be rewarded with a wealth of friends and well-earned hangovers. So let it be written - so let it be done

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Well Put TikiMaxton! Marian and I just came back from South Florida where we met KenTiki and his wife Ariel in person for the second time. We met for drinks Friday night at the Wreck Bar in the Sheraton Yankee Clipper, and then went to their house on Sunday to see Ken's awesome tiki carvings and collections. They are two of the most delightful people we know, and we met them through this site. We've also met other great people, including you, Maggie and Frenchy, the same way. All in all, if I'm going to risk going to some unknown bar in some unknown town, I'd rather have a tiki central-ite at my elbow, than a pretty parrot-head (although both would be okay).


Another BBS I peruse is for Ukulele players They have an area that lists all the "Who What Where" as it were. It has the persons name, and location, and then you can click on any name to get the profile. Maybe we could use something of the nature here. I noticed that we have a members list, but can it be searched geographically?

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Maybe sorta on this topic. I hafta go to Vegas this Saturday 8/3 for work - just there and back in one day, but I'll probably be looking for stuff to do in the afternoon and early eve before flying back. Maybe stop at Taboo Cove again, and perhaps try to find the old Aku Aku tiki since I'll have a car this time (anyone remember the location for the park it's in?). If any other folks happen to be there, it'd be a blast to meet up!



I agree! This is really cool, when people actually meet in the outside world! It's thanks to Tiki Central that my Wahine and I met KailuaGeoff and his wife Marian, two truly cool tikiheads. Thanks for making me drag my sorry self to the Wreck Bar. I think they sold us more Planters Punch and Mai Tais that night than in the last 15 years. But I think their Mai Tai recipe must call for about 2 Lbs. of sugar per drink. Yikes!

By the way, KailuaGeoff has a fantastic collection of Florida tiki items, postcards, matches, you name it!



Hey Tiki King,

What is the Uke site you go to? I play, and have seen a few websites, but I'd like to check out one you think is good.

I need all the Uke playing help I can get!



On 2002-07-30 00:57, aquarj wrote:
I hafta go to Vegas this Saturday 8/3 for work - Maybe stop at Taboo Cove again, and perhaps try to find the old Aku Aku tiki since I'll have a car this time (anyone remember the location for the park it's in

Hiya Randy...
I am off to Lost Wages about 10 days after you, not for business! I wanted to see the old Aku Tiki in that park as well. Anyone know which one it is. I knew once and have since lost the info...Doh!

I'll be visiting Taboo Cove, one drink minimum. Enough to take in the great decor, but not long enough to get aggravated.


Hey, Lady Velour and I will be in Vegas this weekend, too. We have to go to a wedding on Saturday the 3rd in the afternoon, but after that we'll be free. Email me and we can set something up.


This is for Kentiki, Go to my site http://www.tikiking.comand follow the links to the Uke stuff. There you will find a page of Ukulele links.
Tiki King

And Tiki Centralites will always have a warm welcome should they come over to the UK. Personally, I can cover Oxford/sometimes London and can offer a few tips if you want to skip the tourist traps and hit the few Tiki bars we have here.

Trader Woody


On 2002-07-30 12:45, midnite_tiki wrote:

On 2002-07-30 00:57, aquarj wrote:
try to find the old Aku Aku tiki since I'll have a car this time (anyone remember the location for the park it's in

It's called Sunset Park - 2601 E. Sunset Road - I believe it sits beside or on an island in the duck pond! I actually wrote the address in my address book for my trip to Vegas in March - I couldn't pull myself away from the casinos long enough to search it out!


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